Ming Bathroom Suite – East meets West

Kohler Ming Bathroom suite

For the 20th anniversary in China, our designers created the Ming suite that takes inspiration from the Ming dynasty and architectural style.Kohler Ming Bathroom suite
With the Artist Editions lavatory and an abandoned use of wood and metal an elegant, harmonious and peaceful bathroom suite, reflecting contemporary Chinese sensibilities, has been created. The glass drawer bottoms in the vanity give an illusion of endless space.Kohler Ming Bathroom suite vanity and vessel Artist Editions
The Touchme mirror is framed with a grooming light that is both adjustable in color and brightness. It is also fitted with the latest technologies such as movement sensors to turn on the lights automatically when someone approaches. It brightens gradually to the optimal light for grooming.Kohler Ming suite touchme mirror
Part of this suite is the popular classic and Chinese design of the free-standing Ming cast iron bathtub. It is a perfect complement to the Ming suite. The smooth high-quality enamel material is pleasing to the touch and offers an unparalleled aesthetic. Kohler Ming cast iron bathtubThe cast iron is also time-tested and durable. In addition, the bathtub contains a storage space at the base that lets the user easily organize all grooming products. The feet are adjustable for the user’s comfort.Kohler Ming cast iron bathtub
All pieces of furniture showcase bronze drawer pulls that resemble classic Chinese door-knobs and the towel rack displays clean, minimalist lines of the Ming style.Kohler Ming drawer pull

Kohler Ming clothes rack
The suite was selected as a finalist in the IDEA awards in the category Home & Bath 2017.

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