Mix & Match bathroom suite – marriage of art and design

Mix & Match suite

One of the latest bathroom suites that got a lot of acclaim during the Kitchen and Bath China 2017 exhibition is the  Mix & Match bathroom suite.Mix & Match cabinetInspired by contemporary Chinese aesthetic language, we created a bathroom suite with a mix of products, materials, colors, forms, and sizes. Contemporary Chinese aesthetic language represents clean, pure and meaningful design not only in China but on an international level. Mix & Match faucetIt mixes East and West in an elegant and gracious way down to the very last detail e.g. various PVD finishes.
Mix & Match suiteThe suite incorporates bathroom furniture, sanitary, faucets, shower doors, accessories that speak to Chinese culture lovers and international travelers and the flexible customers.
Mix & Match lavatory MicaAt our launch event in May, the elegance and graciousness were embodied by two well-known artists: Chinese pianist Gu Jieting who lives in France and Zhu Jingyi, artist, columnist and researcher. Mix&Match launch eventThrough their art, they touched the audience with this concept of contemporary Chinese aesthetics conveying a young and individual tone that is the essence of this fresh design.
Mix & Match lavatory and cabinetThe design idea is based on different Chinese styles such as Jin, Jing, Chuan, Min, Su, and Hui styles represented in Suzhou museum, traditional An-Hui architecture or the Moganshan – Guan-Yun villa. While optically sleek and beautiful, the bathroom suite is also functional to meet the modern users’ bathroom behavior. Mix & Match storageThis includes a need for storage, optimal access and organization and the option for multitasking while grooming.

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