Mobile islands – megatrend for the superrich?

Just like a top notch resort, Kokomo Ailand has all the luxuries imaginable and more. From a garden to a spa to a glass-bottomed hot tub. It is all there and it floats.
Kokomo Ailand, named after a community in Maui, is a self-powered, man-made, mobile island designed by Mingaloo submaries, an Austrian design firm from Graz. The floating structure sits on top of two massive pontoons and four submersible towers that extend below the pontoons. The towers house storage, service decks, and four anchor lines and on their deep end thrusters that are called azipods. These pods pulls rather than propel water and rotate 360 degrees and hence also act as rudders.
But who cares what is below? Above – on deck – the island has a jungle deck with waterfall, palm trees and gardens, an outdoor dining area, an infinity pool, a helipad and anything else you can wish for, since it is fully customizable to the desires of the client. The prototype sports a penthouse 80 meters above sea level, four VIP suites and six guest suites.
But now, don’t get too excited just yet. From idea to setting sail – so to speak of – it takes about six to seven years to create this elite tropical beach club. However, the creators and designers are convinced that living with and on the sea will emerge as a megatrend, although probably only for the ultra-wealthy.

Source photos: courtesy of Mingaloo

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