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Modernlife suiteModern, contemporary life is busy and cluttered. People are torn between vast numbers of choices and possibilities. Decisions need to be made second by second, minute by minute and in less time than ever. Many of us feel stressed, stretched and harried from the daily tasks that we have to perform and the constant connectivity that doesn’t leave us a minute to breathe.Modernlife wellnessWith this in mind, it does not come as a surprise that the wellness trend of ‘nesting’ firms up more in the summer of 2017. The new ‘going out’ is staying home. The understanding of luxury has shifted from flashy, showy and over the top to quiet lush and wellness. People strive to regain work-life balance, up the personal comfort and add more simplicity and calm to the complicated outside life.ModernLifeBuilding a stronger emotional connection to your home and expressing your personal style without falling into fads and trends, but rather to create a classy style, is a definite priority.
A wonderful place to express this is the bathroom. It’s on the brink of indulgence and necessity. To designing this space to reflect contemporary softness the right collecting is needed.
ModernLife SuiteThe ModernLife bathroom suite is a series of lavatories, toilets with new technology e.g. ultra-thin, seat with slim design, touchless flush option, built-in fragrance, and large faceplate designs that were designed with exactly these ideas in mind.
Modernlife lavatory“Modern Life is our first global range. It offers a variety of products that are simple, beautiful and contemporary,” says Robert Stevenson, the lead industrial designer in the Kohler London Design Studio.Modernlife lavatoryModernLife is a minimal and timeless collection that is elegant and gives the freedom to design the contemporary and versatile dream bathroom. The soft curves and clean lines accentuate the design sensibilities and the bathroom suite embodies charm and essential to make the owner’s life easier.ModernLife lavatoryThe designers particularly focused on the details of the simple, timeless forms and materials such as the fast-clean coating, seamless rims, PVD finishes, continuous attachment to countertops and walls, internal designs that prevent hair clogging, and touch-free toilet flushing technology to improve the user experience. In addition, the water-saving, spotless, anti-stain toilet that recently won the Red Dot Award 2017 helps preserve the environment.ModernLife toiletApart from the design, the easy-to-clean materials and technology add improving hygiene, comfort and efficiency and lower stress levels.
ModernLife“Kohler is committed to leading the industry in providing customers with clean, elegant and cutting-edge products. We provide bathroom products that not only fulfill a functional need but also give you the inspiration to transform your environment into something that is uniquely you.

Our new Kohler ModernLife suite adds unto our extensive suites of simple and timeless design,” said Angel Yang, president of Kohler’s Kitchen & Bath Asia-Pacific.

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