Mongolia showroom soft opening in Misheel Center

Mongolia showroom yurt-486866_640

When you hear Mongolia, the legends of Genghis Khan come to mind. One may even think of the landlocked country in East Asia as a romantic get-away from the fast-paced life in the West or Asia. But do you think about modern, contemporary bathrooms?   Mongolia showroom 20181121_144308The new Misheel Expo Center Mongolia showroom in the south of Ulaanbaatar, formerly known as Ulan Bator, attests to the rapid progress the country is making to leaving the legends behind and making its mark on the map.   Mongolia showroom city-967513_640The 250 square-meter display that comprises lots of building materials, interior design products, and helpful tools for the built environment is the newest home of some of our best-selling toilets.   Mongolia showroom 20181121_162412With a total of three million people in the country, Ulaanbaatar is the biggest and most important city in Mongolia that is located between Russia and China. It is the most sparsely populated country in the world with miles and miles of grassy steppe, mountains and the Gobi Desert in the thought.  Mongolia showroom landscape-2162211_64045 percent of the country’s population live in Ulaanbaatar that from afar looks like every big capital city. It’s modern, it’s fast-moving, and benefiting from the copper industry. At 1,300 meters above sea level, the cultural, industrial, and financial center of Mongolia represents modern times.   Mongolia showroom mongolia-2979172_640The wild countryside still exists though. Up to 30 percent of the population is nomadic or semi-nomadic and horse culture is still very much an integral part of everyday life. Outside of the contemporary cities, inhabitants live in ‘Gers’ or as they were previously called ‘Yurts’.   Mongolia showroom 20181121_144243These dwellings are round structures that can probably be set up almost anywhere in the country. If they need to be bigger, the Ger can easily be extended and six to 12 angles can be added to the base that finishes in a pyramidal roof.  Mongolia showroom 20181121_144414The showroom is being soft-opened in the first week of December 2018 and a bigger, more official opening is planned for April 2019 coinciding with the nicer, more pleasant spring weather.   Mongolia showroom night-view-2140982_640

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