First Morocco Kohler Clarity water filter donation

Morocco Kohler Clarity Water Filter donation P1060376

Benefiting from the 2017 global Run for Clarity and the ensuing Clarity water filter donation, the Jacob Delafon team in Tangier organized the first Morocco Kohler Clarity water filter donation in the small village of Hjar Nhal in July 2018. The total of 5,000 filters was divided up and sent to different rural areas in the world where access to clean drinking water is a challenge or still impossible. A shipment arrived in Morocco.  Morocco Kohler Clarity Water Filter donation P1060427The village of Hjar Nhal is about 25 kilometers south of Tangier and on the way to Tetouan. It is on the outskirts of the industrial zones of the big city on an isolated peninsula between the Tahdart River Delta and lake Tahdart. While corporations have been operating manufacturing plants for auto parts, textiles, and food production for many years and the area developed progressively with infrastructure and economically, there are still a lot of rural areas in the country.  Morocco Kohler Clarity Water Filter donation P1060382In these parts, for example, Hjar Nhal where the farmers grow sage, it is still difficult to access clean drinking water. On vacation, it might be fun to carry your water bottle on your hike or while riding on the back of a camel or donkey through the drylands, but if it is your daily chore to fetch the necessary water for your family, it loses its fascination. The struggle of these families to provide water for their households and loved ones is a challenge that the community faces daily.  Morocco Kohler Clarity Water Filter donation PHOTO-2018-07-07-16-44-14The Jacob Delafon team from Tangier brought 30 Clarity water filters to the village to alleviate some of the hardship and help work towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goal No. 6 of having clean water and sanitation anywhere in the world.  Morocco Kohler Clarity Water Filter donation P1060417 - CopieThe easy-to-use water filters produce up to 40 liters of potable water per day. Users only need to fill the top part of the filter with rainwater, river or well water and it filters through the ceramic core in the center to the lower container. The result is 99% protozoa-free water that is ready and healthy for consumption.  Morocco Kohler Clarity Water Filter donation P1060413The team’s effort with the Morocco Kohler Clarity water filter donation was very well received and acknowledged by the villagers who turned up in traditional clothes to honor the visitors with great gifts.  Morocco Kohler Clarity Water Filter donation P1060446

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