Mosaics – a reemerging trend in 2018

Mosaic 45189-preview_low_1650-3_45189_sc_v2com


The very old techniques of laying mosaics flooring never went completely out of fashion. It might have faded a bit in the background and lost a bit of momentum in the spin of centuries, but the fascination with floors assembled from small pieces of material has always been around.  Mosaic 29642-preview_low_1650-1_29642_sc_v2comThe technique dates from the third millennium BC in Mesopotamia and was applied to floors and walls in European churches and mystic Islamic mosques. The use of the artistic tradition for strong, durable, hard flooring is at the same time a creative masterpiece and a strong interior decoration element.  Mosaic 29650-preview_low_1650-1_29650_sc_v2comIn the 1990s, mosaics saw a resurgence and became trendy with new patterns, use of faux stone, and alternative printing techniques. Then it went quiet again, but homeowners the world over still love mosaic as a distinct design style.  Mosaic 45200-preview_low_1650-3_45200_sc_v2comSome companies took advance of the many technological advances in production and the new possibilities of applying them to tiles collections. In 2018, the mosaic trend is definitely back. Playing to the overall trend of mixing unexpected materials, patterns, and textures in surprising ways, mosaics have a new place in design concepts.  Mosaic 45198-preview_low_1650-3_45198_sc_v2comConsumers turn to Victorian and antique decors as could be deducted from the success of the PAD London exhibition. Looking at the latest creation by Mosaique Surface, a Canadian design-oriented tile company,  the focus is also on times past.  Mosaic 37225-preview_low_1650-2_37225_sc_v2comThe launch of the French Quarter Collection in 30 different patterns, 100 natural stone variations and 16 colors of Venetian glass and various metal inlay options astonishes with its materials, finishes, and patterns. The company’s biggest and most sophisticated collection tells four distinct design stories of a sweetness of the South and luxurious interiors: American Bistro, watery patterns, French Quarter, and Garden District.  Mosaic 29652-preview_low_1650-1_29652_sc_v2comEach one gives rise to buried memories and ageless trends. The company that specializes in mosaics creates new, inspiring collections each year to delight customers in North America and further afield.  Mosaic 45202-preview_low_1650-3_45202_sc_v2comThe timelessness and elegance of the flooring is a solid part of design concepts in contemporary rooms that go far beyond kitchen and bathrooms. They can be applied in any room of the house.  Mosaic 45192-preview_low_1650-3_45192_sc_v2com

Source: the mosaic pictures are courtesy of v2com

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