Moscow’s milky way brewery is open

Moscow Galaxy Bar and Bottle Shop 42881-preview_low_2247-4_42881_sc_v2com

The microbrewery Zagovor Brewery envisioned an outer-worldly customer experience for visitors of the Galaxy Bar and Bottle Shop in Moscow, Russia. They hired Maxim Kashin and his team at Monoloko Design who are known for trending designs and applications of the latest technologies in their concepts to implement the clients’ dream.  Moscow Galaxy Bar and Bottle Shop 42870-preview_low_2247-4_42870_sc_v2comSince April 2018, craft beer fans can take a perception trip into the blue-hued interior of the 75-square meter space in Russian’s capital. The geometric, industrial-feel wooden booth furniture, the geometric forms, the marble with its color that resembles moon sand take guests into a new universe and out of their daily lives.  Moscow Galaxy Bar and Bottle Shop 42871-preview_low_2247-4_42871_sc_v2comThe watering hole in the neoclassic building in Moscow follows Suprematism principles and the ideology of Kazimir Malevich. Suprematism is an abstract Russian art movement of pure artistic feeling and basic geometric forms. Based on Malevich’s style that emerged around 1915, the movement focuses on the supremacy of circles, squares, lines, and rectangles painted in a limited number of colors.  Moscow Galaxy Bar and Bottle Shop 42882-preview_low_2247-4_42882_sc_v2comThe design firm used the thought school of color influences on human perceptions. The color theory states that different colors influences moods and emotions. The Galaxy Bar and Bottle Shop’s rich, azure blue frees the minds and opens avenues to open spaces and universes.  Moscow Galaxy Bar and Bottle Shop 42878-preview_low_2247-4_42878_sc_v2comThe spatial light installation with the flexible neon lights enveloped in polyurethane shell is reflected in the minimalist marble counters and the shiny beer taps. Information about the different beers available is described on the wall above the taps and leads the readers on a journey to the galaxy.   Moscow Galaxy Bar and Bottle Shop 42875-preview_low_2247-4_42875_sc_v2comThe lights, the shadows, and the leaning towards Russian Cosmism create an atmosphere in the bar that is certainly not that of an average spot for a nightcap, rather it is a ‘release of the mind’ and a great place to interact with other explorers of the trendy nightlife options.  Moscow Galaxy Bar and Bottle Shop 42875-preview_low_2247-4_42875_sc_v2com

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Source: photos of Galaxy Bar and Bottle Shop in Moscow are courtesy of v2com. All photos by Dmitry Chebanenkov.

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