Movie star mansion on Mulholland Drive, Los Angeles

Mulholland Drive 42845-preview_low_2933-1_42845_sc_v2com

It looks like a house out of a movie. Well, at Mulholland Drive in Los Angeles, California, this building is sitting in the right location. It also looks like a brand-new design.  Mulholland Drive 42838-preview_low_2933-1_42838_sc_v2comIn fact, the 550-square meter property was built in 1961 adopting a mid-century architecture style. Recently, LA and Paris-based Heusch Inc. architects were commissioned to renovate and modernize this beautiful building in a cul-de-sac of the famous street.  Mulholland Drive 42841-preview_low_2933-1_42841_sc_v2comThe design concept is an open-plan, transparent, and transcendent house. To enlarge the pad area, retaining walls on three sides of the property were built to give room for a curved infinity pool that fits into the garden. The edge of the pool blends seamlessly with the environment and allows for unobstructed views of the distant downtown.   Mulholland Drive 42848-preview_low_2933-1_42848_sc_v2comTo build the pool of this size and design, the living room of the original building was demolished and rebuilt. Originally, the living room was a rather enclosed space that didn’t take advantage of the incredible views that it had to offer. With the tearing down of the walls and rebuilding it that it is open on three sides, large window-planes do the trick. The view from this room is stunning.  Mulholland Drive 42839-preview_low_2933-1_42839_sc_v2comDuring the renovation, the interior design of the building was re-conceptualized to work with the open-plan idea. Fewer walls optically open up space and the many windows incorporate the trend of transcendence and blurring the boundaries of the exterior and the interior.  Mulholland Drive 42921-preview_low_2933-1_42921_sc_v2comThe architect team that specializes in new constructions, renovations, and restorations used terrazzo finishes for the floors. This finish not only gives the house a Mediterranean look and feel but is following a global trend. Recently, architects from South Africa and Scott Weston from Australia mentioned their preference for terrazzo.  Mulholland Drive 43565-preview_low_2933-1_43565_sc_v2comThe use of the material doesn’t stop on the flooring, Heusch Inc. architects also applied the material to countertops in the bathrooms.  Mulholland Drive 42837-preview_low_2933-1_42837_sc_v2com

In any case, the 1961 house was totally and almost magically transformed to a 2017/18 styled property.

Source: photos of Mulholland Drive property are courtesy of v2Com and Gerhard Heusch.

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