Music and art unveil the Mix & Match suite

Mix & Match suite

Mix & Match furniture at eventThere is no better way to convey a new concept by showing up close and personal to your audience.
During the launch event for our new Mix & Match suite in the beginning of June, we did exactly that.Larry Yuen at Mix & Match eventTo communicate the converging of old and new, traditional and modern, East and West, we engaged the guests in a creative way. Through painting and music, listening, watching and letting them touch and try for themselves, the invitees had a chance to experience the concept of Mix & Match first hand.Mix & Match event guestAt the event at Suzhou Eslite bookstore (third floor, Center area) the renowned Chinese pianist Gu Jieting who lives in France interpreted piano music and Kunqu Opera to create new musical rules and marrying Eastern and Western culture.Mix & Match event pianistBringing the audience back to the “four” walls of the bookstore, Zhu Jingyi, artist, columnist and art industry researcher produced some life-size or bigger than life ink paintings. In his work, he mixes Chinese ink on Western canvases and using pigments from different parts of the world.Mix & Match event Zhu JingyiThe bookstore location reflected the theme and concept of Mix & Match perfectly with large canvas installations, furniture from the Mix & Match suite, colorful blocks and a multi-pattern kaleidoscope that guests could play around with. Mix & Match eventThe white canvas transformed over a two-day period when Zhu Jingyi unleashed his creativity to paint breathtaking art work covering not only the walls but also the ceiling and floor of the exhibition space. The art work extended even to capes especially produced for the visitors. While they were wearing them and walking around the room, they created a new aspect of the painting and kept it constantly changing.Mix & Match event robes

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