Northern Thailand: Imagine all the people…

Baan Kun Kamlang Child Development Center squat toilet

…had a clean, safe flush toilet to use.

Thailand Squat toiletTogether with our NGO partner World Vision Thailand and local organizations, we would like this dream, this imagination, come true for the people of Northern Thailand (and around the world). We start with 15 schools in a rural area of Thailand where sanitation and hygiene still has a long way to go and access to clean water is not a given.Water from faucet in ThailandThrough our toilet donations and a fund raiser for the installation and a solid training program for students, teachers and the community in Phayao province, we help improve many lives and have a chance to elevate their living standards. Phayao province ThailandWith the well-thought-through training program, the recipients not only learn how to use Western-style toilets properly, but how to take care of them, keep them clean and sanitized for better overall health.Sang Sai Child Development Center broken toiletIn June and July 2017, we researched and selected the 15 primary, high schools, kindergarten, and health centers in Phayao province that will participate in this pilot program.

Now we would like to ask for your help. World Vision Thailand and we are collecting funds for the installation and the training program. If you would like to help, please use the following link for your contribution:

To direct your donation to this project, please select ‘other’ under 3. Donation Details and indicate ‘Kohler’.

Squat toilets in schools in ThailandAnother way to support the 15 schools is to visit one of our showrooms around Thailand where we have placed donation boxes.Baan Kun Kamlang Child Development Center broken toilet

500 of our employees, their families, our business partners, and friends have already signed up for Run for Clarity. A running challenge on Sunday 3 September 2017 where we will raise awareness of the lack of access to clean water and sanitation in rural areas. To read more about Run for Clarity in Thailand click here.

In the next phase of the project in Northern Thailand, we will work on upgrading the bathrooms and toilets of the 15 schools and health centers and provide the training that the community learns and internalizes the use of flush toilets and their maintenance. We aim to complete most installations and trainings by 19 November 2017 – the World Toilet Day.Squat toilet to be changed

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