NZ Chinese Building Industry networking in Auckland’s showroom

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A splendid networking event at the Auckland Kohler showroom attracted more than 65 guests in their beautiful cars. Together with the NZ Chinese Building Industry Association and Kohler, the event offered a great opportunity for guests to get to know each other, rekindle existing relationships, and to catch-up with old friends and acquaintances.  NZ Chinese Building Industry IMG_1820Almost five percent of New Zealand’s population is of Chinese descent. As tradition has it, Asian and Chinese backgrounds focus on education and well-paying jobs. Naturally, this is an interesting customer base for the real estate market. Almost two-thirds of Chinese living in New Zealand made Auckland their home. It is not uncommon to see advertising signs in the streets in Mandarin.  NZ Chinese Building Industry Kohler Auckland showroomAdditionally, there is a growing interest from Chinese investors from mainland China for the New Zealand real estate market. New buildings and constructions come up with a Chinese target audiences in mind.  NZ Chinese Building Industry IMG_1787At the NZ Chinese Building Industry Association networking event on 10 May 2018, our NZ team did their best to raise the awareness of architects, builders, designers, developers, and construction companies that cater to the potential Chinese market about our products and services.  NZ Chinese Building Industry IMG_1815Dee Hunter, senior product marketing manager, gave a lively presentation about the ‘bathroom of the future’ that will allow users to have an immersive bathroom experience with a new connectivity. NZ Chinese Building Industry 201 Kohler Auckland showroomKOHLER Konnect is one of the products that was launched during the event in Auckland. It received similar attention as when it was first introduced at KBIS in the USA in January. The voice-activated Verdera mirror is one of the most innovative intelligent products on the bathroom market at the moment. With just one word, the entire atmosphere in a bathroom change and adapt to the user’s mood.  NZ Chinese Building Industry 201 Kohler Auckland showroomThe ground-breaking innovation and the latest products mesmerized the listeners and kept them wandering around the showroom long after Dee’s slideshow ended.  NZ Chinese Building Industry new-zealand-218565_640

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