One Oak: two apartments in Beirut, Lebanon

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The luxurious residential One Oak building in Solidere near the Historical Preservation District in Beirut, Lebanon, is the home of outstanding interior design gems. Two of the residences have been designed by the full-service Lebanese design firm Askdeco.

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Beirut, one of the oldest cities in the world and formerly known as Paris of the Middle East, is a melting pot of various cultures and religions. The historic elegance and forward-thinking design of One Oak speak to that and fully integrate the designers’ design thinking and concepts.

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Askdeko worked very closely with the clients who had distinctive ideas about the place they were going to live. While One Oak 5A2 should incorporate the international influences that form the background of the owner, the 700-square-meter One Oak 3&4B2 duplex originally was going to get a strong industrial feel based on the owner’s vision.

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After completion, the One Oak 5A2 combines colors, cultures, textures, and décor in a harmonious way. The style ranges from Moroccan to Arabesque and Grecian, moving effortlessly from classical, contemporary to modern styles. These are reflected in the patterns, materials, furniture, and accessories that were chosen in a collaborative effort with the designer and the client.

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The 400-square-meter bachelor pad combines colors – predominately yellow and blue – and styles as well as the use of space to bring out the eclectic design. Floor-to-ceiling mirrored closet doors opposite the terrace windows enlarge the rooms even more. The striped wooden panel ceilings contain custom-made lighting, sound, and mechanical controls to keep the living space uncluttered and light.

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One Oak 3&4B2 started out with a bit of a heavier feeling. The client really liked the industrial atmosphere. Askdeco provided two types of 3D designs that they set side-by-side. The client’s cool and hard design and the designers’ vision of a combination of warmth and industrial elements to lighten up the space.

One Oak Beirut 3-4B2 38706-preview_low_2769-2_38706_sc_v2com

The owners are a small family who was soon convinced about the more livable, softer design approach with more colors and variety. The luxurious twist and approach that the designers presented comprise earth colors, grey marble flooring, brown wood, and some vibrant color accents to offset the monotone, functional space. The harmony created to balance the spatial relationship is a beautiful showcase.

One Oak Beirut 5A2 38695-preview_low

Both apartments have amazing views over the Mediterranean Sea on the one side and the Roman ruins on the other, with downtown Beirut, slightly offset in the distance. Each one is a unique and distinctly mark the designs of the clients while also having a strong, underlying identity of the designers.

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Source: photos of One Oak are courtesy of v2com. Photo credits: Alex Jeffries.

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