One of 25 most important private companies in the US


Known for its Fortune 500 list of world’s top companies and executives that has been published since 1955, the publication has now taken a different view point and established another ranking. In May 2016, Fortune looked at creating a list of 25 privately held companies for a change. The deciding factors to make it on this top 25 list were prodigious revenues or assets, social currency, and the deep connection to daily live and (especially for smaller companies) the disruption effect.
Publicly traded companies in the US have become fewer and the thirst for IPOs has lowered since the dotcom times in the 2000s. This new trend to go-private has been a reality for us since 1873. In the 4th generation, we still believe that managing a company is easier if you are privately held. It was also interesting to see that only 10 out of the 25 companies deal with goods rather than services. We are one of them, proud and, hence, that makes us even more special.


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