Our Chocolate Brandy goes international

Dark Chocolate Brandy


Dark Chocolate Brandy

Recently, at the Kohler Experience Center opening in New Delhi, India, and at the Kohler Design Escape in Bangkok, Thailand, we had crafty barmen whip up the latest cocktails with Dark Chocolate Brandy.
Mixing dark chocolate brandyIn October 2016, the Dark Chocolate Brandy was introduced to the market in Wisconsin, USA, at the five-star resort Destination Kohler. Kohler chocolate brandy at Heaven at Kohler Design EscapeThe Kohler Dark chocolate infused brandy is based on Mr. Herbert Kohler’s love for chocolate and brandy and is produced at the Central Standard Craft Distillery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The combination of the high-quality Kohler Original Recipe Chocolates and the rich, velvety-smooth feel and subtle hints of nuttiness of the brandy taste create a scrumptious new flavor.
Gerald Allison, Kohler Original Recipe Chocolates manager, says, “We’ve thoughtfully worked to combine the flavors of our Kohler chocolate and brandy to create a truly distinctive offering in the market that chocolate lovers and brandy enthusiasts will enjoy”.
Tiramisu Kohler styleThe Destination Kohler executive pastry chef, Josh Johnson, also uses the brandy in his dessert creations. For example the tiramisù, a favorite Italian dessert. Dark Mint BrandyOther popular uses are for mixed drinks such as White Russian where the brandy can be used instead of Kahlua.
Dark Chocolate Mint brandyThe brandy that comes in three different bottle sizes (750ml, 375ml, and 200ml) became very quickly so popular that the new flavor Chocolate Mint Brandy comprised of infusions of 72% dark chocolate and a fresh minty taste was presented to the chocolate and brandy aficionados on 17 March 2017 – St. Patrick’s Day.Dark Chocolate Brandy in IndiaLearn more about the latest brandy creations, recipes and ideas on the website and the Facebook page.

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