Pantone color of the year – ultra violet

Pantone color of the year Kohler shower panel

Pantone 18-3838 – doesn’t tell you much, right?
How about smooth velvet fabric in a dark, mysterious purple? All of a sudden you have images in your head of visionary ideas, bold statements, scientific and technological inventions, and original designs. Ultra violet skyThe ultraviolet color, a blue-based purple, speaks of creativity, is a bit daring and just what we need for the future that lies ahead.Sign in ultra violetThis color is not a quick-glance and move-on kind of thing. Its depth and complexity invite to let it penetrate one’s consciousness and trigger the imagination. Whether it is a dark, midnight sky or a beautiful fabric or some flower petals, the viewer will take it all in, contemplate it, and think about the existence and the universe.Kohler toilet in a ultra violet roomIt is a bold, strong color to make a big statement, creating an expression of art and non-conformity.
At the same time, ultraviolet is not as wild and full of temperament as machine red, but deeply emotional and mystical.Leaf floating in an ultra violet lakeEvery year the Pantone Color Institute selects a color of the year that not only represents a color trend, but societal tendencies, moods, and sentiments. Ultraviolet is beyond the regular violet. This high-frequency color hue has a great chance of becoming a real discovery in 2018.Kohler ultra violet door knobUltraviolet is a digression of the quieter, calmer colors of the past two years: Greenery, Rose Quartz, and Serenity. It represents a world of change, of challenges – and also a world of opportunities and future visions.
Ultra violet carpetDesigners in fashion, product design, interior design, and architecture will gladly pick this deep and warm color up for large surfaces or delicately weaving in tiny specs and nuances in their creations. Ultra violet living room wallFrom wall art to tiles, to beddings, rugs and home décor, and even lights, ultraviolet will have our attention in the coming year.Kohler toilet in ultra violet lighted room

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