Panzerhalle Loft takes home another award

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The romantic city of Salzburg, Austria, with its rich tradition and fame as the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart has a new attraction: the mixed-use Panzerhalle in the Maxglan neighborhood. The 1930s Struberkaserne armory had been acquired in 2011 and a renovation contest ran in the architectural world.  Panzerhalle salzburg-3264597_640The owners wanted to revive and conserve the original structure of the 18,000-square-meter area with factory buildings and barracks that formerly served as production plants for tanks, military vehicles, and equipment.   Panzerhalle Au├ƒen_cphelps_1681After the completion of the renovation in 2015, Panzerhalle is now a lively mixed-use complex with lofts, offices, co-working spaces, and exhibition and event spaces for the local community. One part of the old factory has been turned into a health and therapy center.  Panzerhalle 44579-preview_low_2483-2_44579_sc_v2comThe highlight of Panzerhalle is a 350-square-meter loft designed by smartvoll, a Vienna-based architecture studio, and recipient of numerous architecture and design awards. The most recent being the AZ Award Residential Interiors. The project was one of 64 finalists in this year’s competition.  Panzerhalle 44583-preview_low_2483-2_44583_sc_v2comWhile the façade of the building remained intact as well as the brick and mortar walls and wooden gates, the fresh and surprising complete re-design of the interior space creates drama and attracts the attention of architecture-lovers the world over.  Panzerhalle 44584-preview_low_2483-2_44584_sc_v2comThe visionaries and creative thinkers at smartvoll combined the original structure and materials with modern materials, tool, and techniques. The sculpted concrete staircase dominates the two-level space and gives the illusion of, at the same time, carrying the space and to be floating in the void.  Panzerhalle 44588-preview_low_2483-2_44588_sc_v2comIt serves as a room divider and a roof over the seven-meter-long kitchen combination beneath. The lower floor is a harmonious working and living space clad in white-painted steel, the traditional materials, and concrete.  Panzerhalle 44578-preview_low_2483-2_44578_sc_v2comThe second floor of the eight-meter-high loft comprises of the master bedroom, bathroom, and a guest room adorned with ribbon windows that let plenty of light into the space. The three rooms are designed as separate bodies that are skillfully engineered and connected to the central staircase. The ensemble is a unique spatial experience.  Panzerhalle 44575-preview_low_2483-2_44575_sc_v2comApart from concrete, other materials such as Profilit acting as a semi-transparent room separator and curtains are sparingly used. The other dominant element is steel that is visible also in the hanging shelves.  Panzerhalle 44591-preview_low_2483-2_44591_sc_v2comThe loft is a gem in the urban renaissance movement that is trending all over the globe.  Panzerhalle 44580-preview_low_2483-2_44580_sc_v2comThe elegantly, layered and structured interior design space has received a lot of recognition from the industry through awards such as IDA Design Awards (Silver), IF Design Award, ID Best of the Year Award, IIDA Global Excellence Award 2016, and WIN Awards 2016. And the winning spree continues with the recent AZ Award 2018.

Source: Panzerhalle photos are courtesy of v2com. Photo credits: Tobias Colz/smartvoll

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