Pebble faceplate


picture1picture8The new, contemporary Pebble faceplate for in-wall tanks in the Droplet, Ratio and Bevel line-up is now available in pneumatic and mechanical actuation. The 225×160 mm faceplate has a CP finish.

picture10The innovative pneumatic mechanism design is optimal for a soft and smooth hand feeling.

With an extensible cable, the location of the faceplate is flexible to up to four meters in radius for easy consumer access (front/remote).

picture3Due to sound-proof foam wrap, the flushing noise is reduced to 36.5dB, which is 35% lower than industry standard.picture4

The complete product configuration meets most of the robust installation requirements in the market. Minimal 2.6/4L water consumption for sustainable goals is achieved with the dual flushing technology that is also adaptable for regional standards and codes (2.6/4L; 3/4.5L; 3/6L).


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