Pecha Kucha India 2018 inspired Wanderlust in India

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The Pecha Kucha event in India is almost a legend. The Indian team brought together a great group of Indian and international architects and designers as well as top management David Kohler, president and CEO, and Larry Yuen, president K&B group, for the latest Pecha Kucha India 2018.

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The Pecha Kucha India 2018 dubbed KOHLER Bold. Art. Powered by Pecha Kucha took place at the famed Imperial hotel in Connaught Place, New Delhi. The venue itself is an inspiration for architects and designers alike, having been built in 1931 and being the first luxury grand hotel on the subcontinent. At the time architect F.B. Blomfield combined Victorian and colonial architecture and added in dashes of Art Deco to make this place truly remarkable.

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The Pecha Kucha India 2018 and its guests appreciated this award-winning surrounding. The Imperial Hotel was named Best Heritage Hotel 2018 by Outlook Traveller and it definitely sparked more creativity and innovation in the guests attending the fast-paced design presentations.

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However, the presenters could have held their own easily. Indian architects and designers Amit Gulati of Incubus Consultants Pvt Ltd, Pankaj Vir Gupta of Vir Mueller Architects, and Viraj Kataria of Achal Kataria Architects quick talked among their renowned colleagues Andre Kikoski and Paola Navone.

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Continuing the year-long theme of ‘Wanderlust’ Andre Kikoski is sort of a seasoned Pecha Kucha speaker. Having spoken at the KOHLER Experience Center in New York City in May, he also gave a mesmerizing presentation on one of his latest projects One Hudson Yards during Boutique Design NYC in November which was a bit longer than the 20 seconds per slide Pecha Kucha, but no less interesting.

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Italian multi-talent architect and designer Paola Navone who is constantly traveling between Milan and Paris where she is based, inspired attendees with her travel stories that stem from being on the road for work and pleasure constantly.

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The Pecha Kucha India 2018 was further supported and framed by a beautiful photo exhibition curated by Photographers of India. The Instagram community gives photographers in India a platform to present their best work. The exhibition specifically focused on travel photography.

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