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Pecha Kucha New York comes to New York City for the first time ever. It has been popular for a long time in Japan – where it is coming from. Pecha Kucha New York Japan autumn-2183489_640The format of 20 seconds per slide and a maximum of 20 slides for the entire presentations on a specific topic is very appealing for architects and designers (and others). Pecha Kucha New York logo themeWe have been running very successful and fun events in India for over five years and throughout Asia during our events. And the guests, participants, and audience loved it – loved it a lot.
Pecha Kucha New York new-york-2667528_640So, on 21 May 2018 at 5 p.m. the first Pecha Kucha at the Kohler Experience Center in New York City will pull architects and designers away from the ICFF trade show where they have picked up the latest trends and fads. The Pecha Kucha New York is going to be a whole new experience. The topic ‘Wanderlust’ reflects the journey the presentation and event format has taken and it promises an exciting evening and a new experience. Pecha Kucha New York _logoThe five presenters certainly thought so and dove right into it. The well-known architects and designers from New York and other places in the United States will share their experience in relation to travel and the yearning for discovery.

Pecha Kucha New York Andre Kikoski Pecha Kucha New York Campion Platt 1 Pecha Kucha New York Mark-Zeff-portrait-HoF Pecha Kucha New York Stephen Brockman

Andre Kikoski of Andre Kikoski Architect, Campion Platt of Campion Platt Interiors, Gary Jay Paul of GPIDC, Mark Zeff of Mark Zeff Design, and Stephen Brockman of Deborah Berke Partners readily agreed to the challenge of fast-talking and laser-sharp focus for their presentations to their peers and friends. Pecha Kucha New York manhattan-336712_640They will share their experience in the modern world of global nomads and traditional globetrotters. Travel is definitely one source of inspiration for any creative person, let alone these very well-known gentlemen. Pecha Kucha KEC New York 12The Kohler Experience Center is the ideal backdrop for this pre-evening event that will kick off with drinks and finger food. Guests can network and have a look at the latest products which they might have missed at the ICFF or in Milan if they had been in Europe for the Milan Design Week. Pecha Kucha New York flatiron-building-1160473_640As of now, only a few more places remain on the guest list – if traveling or meeting up with the architecture and design community is on your mind, better check in with to reserve your seat.

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