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Peter Chan at Kohler event


Kohler interview with Peter ChanThe Chinese film director, producer and screen writer Peter Chan recently was a speaker and interviewee at our KALLISTA launch event in Shanghai.
Kohler interview with Peter ChanPeter Ho-sun Chan, son of a film maker turned newspaper columnist, grew up in Tsin Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, and Thailand before he went to UCLA. When he accepted a summer internship in the film industry, he didn’t think that he wouldn’t return. However, the job proved so interesting that he didn’t finish his college degree.
Peter Chen at Kohler EventHe worked extensively with Jackie Chan, probably the most famous Hong Kong ‘export’ in the film industry, and directed more than 18 films including “Comrades: Almost a love story”, “Perhaps love”, “The Warlords”, “American Dreams in China”, “The Love Letter”.

He is the co-founder of United Filmakers Organization and executive director of Applause Pictures.Kohler interview with Peter ChanIn all of his work, art and design he aims for a high artistic standard and an international spirit. The work is adapted to different environments and contains something personal without losing sight of the commercial aspect of it. Peter Chan at Kohler eventFurthermore, he interprets social concerns of average Chinese citizens beautifully and critically. In his projects, he is looking for uncertainty and to do something that has not been done before to keep an edge and freshness for himself and the spectator.

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