Peter Gronquist’s ‘Shape Shifter’ in London

Peter Gronquist scribble1

On January 10, 2019, American, contemporary artist Peter Gronquist will unveil his latest body of work at a private viewing in the Unit in London.

Peter Gronquist cloudbreak

The multidisciplinary artist from Portland, Oregon, presents 17 pieces of his current work that comprise experimentation and innovation that has never been seen before by this artist.

Peter Gronquist shatter2

After a life changing event, Peter Gronquist questioned the subject matter, the focus and discipline of his profession and turned away from more traditional work to experimentation.

Peter Gronquist immortals 6

The material he uses for his paintings, sculptures, and installations include aluminum, ceramic, mirrors, fabric, and ultimately the environment the objects live in.

Peter Gronquist flyaway

The exhibition ‘Shape Shifter’ is a re-evaluation of themes, a journey into the emotional potency of color, and a contemplation of the temporal nature of our world.

Peter Gronquist wiggle

The artist looks questioningly at the fundamental and societal foundations of the 21st century, probes with a keen eye into the impermanence and the effects they have on objects and things.

Peter Gronquist do what you can, kid

Peter Gronquist’s use of diverse materials and media is an interpretation of current contradictions in America’s culture. His work using human-scale infinity mirrors may elicit emotions and heighten sensations in the viewers that makes them think about and re-think the notion of mass consumption and query the existential nature.

Peter Gronquist bend

The creative output of the American artist discovers and uncovers themes of escapism and excess in today’s society through their intensity of light, color, and shifting gradients.

Peter Gronquist immortals 7

Peter Gronquist graduated from the School of Visual Arts New York and received a BFA in painting from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2001.

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The solo exhibition at the Unit in London takes place from January 11 to February 17, 2019. Peter Gronquist will also have some of his works displayed at the upcoming Untitled Art, San Francisco from January 18 to 20 at Pier 35.

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Source: Peter Gronquist photos are courtesy of KTW London and Unit London.

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