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All-rounder and Kohler Kitchen & Bath marketing communications director Peter Oesch has been with Kohler Company since 2008. In his day-to-day life between Bangkok (Thailand), Shanghai (China), and Singapore he takes care of brand campaigns. Peter has been working in APAC for 27 years and worked in six countries.

To learn more about Peter’s inspirations, follow him on his journey:

Tribal art
“Since I was a little boy, I had an African mask staring down at me from the wall where my parents have affixed it. It was an impressive one, slightly scary and mysterious. Many years later, I rediscovered and deepened the fascination with tribal, primitive art that stems from aboriginal/indigenous people in various parts of the world. These tribes seem much closer to nature than we are today and they have a wealth of knowledge and respect for nature. In particular, I collect (mostly) wooden masks from various parts of the world.

Hudoq mask from the Dayak tribe in Borneo, Malaysian side.
Hudoq* mask from the Dayak tribe in Borneo, Malaysian side.

It’s interesting to note that most of these masks are used for certain rituals related to harvest or ancestor worship but also to chase away bad spirits. I have masks from Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Myanmar, Mexico, Costa Rica, Kenya, Togo, South Africa, Switzerland, and Korea.”

“Swiss architect Peter Zumthor I find interesting. I like his minimalist, almost brutal, architectural style expressed in the thermal bath in Vals intriguing.”

Peter Zumthor Thermal Bath, Vals
Impression from the Thermal Bath, Vals
Peter Zumthor Thermal Bath, Vals
Impression from the Thermal Bath, Vals

Tropical houses
“I have always preferred warm climates over cold ones. I guess I like the idea that one can be outdoors all year long without being cold (which is the case in most countries of the northern hemisphere). Topical houses I find interesting because they are often embedded and surrounded by nature. I would prefer a clean and non-intrusive style of house that blends into the environment.”

Tropical House Design Interior
Nature is almost part of the living room.

Packaging Design
“While I am generally into ‘design’, I very much like packaging design of consumer products. I enjoy seeing the creativity and ideas that go into packaging. I prefer natural, recyclable materials in general. The actual product container and the graphic design of the label or packaging need to be one unit, match and create the desire to buy the product.”

Health-Are Kombucha
Health drink with attractive, ‘retro’ glass bottle and matching label sold in the US. Not to mention that it tastes amazing.

Textures, materials
“Patterns and textures, both man-made and natural are of interest to me. I like both the geometry or the wild chaos as opposites.”

Glass-bead covered armchair
Glass-bead covered armchair
Wall-design at Marble restaurant bar, Johannesburg, South Africa
Intricate wall-design behind the bar at Marble restaurant, Johannesburg, South Africa
Tree bark
Tree bark


*Hudoq is a thanksgiving festival of many of sub-groups of the Dayak ethnic group of East Kalimantan province, Indonesia. According to the traditional beliefs of the Bahau, Busang, Modang, Ao’heng, and Penihing people, hudoqs are thirteen crop-destroying pests, including rats, lions, and crows. In the festival, the Hudoqs are symbolized by dancers who wear masks representing pests and jackets made of areca palm or banana tree bark. The dance is finished when two human hudoqs come out and chase the pest hudoqs. The dance duration is 1–5 hours. It is arranged from village to village after people dibble the land to grow dry-field rice paddies in September to October every year. They pray so that their fields will grow abundantly.

Source: some photos are courtesy of Dezeen

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