Five-star product launch at Palacio Tangara, Sao Paulo

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In honor of the 145 year anniversary and the arrival of a range of new products, our team in Brazil was looking for a fitting location for these launch events in March 2018. They found the ideal place at the Palacio Tangara in Sao Paul, Brazil.Palacio Tangara lw7046_87520856_790x490On 14 and 15 March, 130 distributors, architects and designers came together in the beautiful, neoclassical ‘urban resort’ mansion in the middle of Burle Marx Park to celebrate the brand and its latest products.Palacio Tangara _MG_6185The five-story ultra-luxury hotel that was just named one of the World’s Best New Hotels in 2018 by Leisure + Travel reflects the cosmopolitan elegance and serenity of South America’s largest city and its vibrant art and design scene. The SP Arte Sao Paulo earlier this month was just another attest to this international platform of contemporary and modern art.Palacio Tangara _MG_6151The public areas of the Palacio Tangara which received its name from the Tanager of Amazonia (Tangara chilensis) – a songbird -, were designed by Patricia Anastassiadis and take inspiration from Brazilian daily life and street scenes depicted in the works of Jean-Baptiste Debret, a 19th-century French artist who had come to Brazil to set-up the first art school and had organized the first-ever art exhibition in the country.Palacio Tangara _MG_6902The stunning contemporary designs and decors led guests to the artfully curated displays of the new products including Taut™, Artifacts, Margaux®, Loure® faucets, Artist Editions Derring, Caravan Persia and Briolette™ sinks, Beitou, Avid, Composed faucets, Awaken showerheads, and the Purist bathroom collection.Palacio Tangara _MG_6153The 27-acre park with Atlantic rainforest that surrounds the hotel, the first project of the Oetker Collection in South America, set a relaxed, open atmosphere for the event. The audience was captivated by the interesting, insightful product presentations introducing these new products to the Brazilian and the Sao Paulo markets.Palacio Tangara Palestra Kohler_0010The conference-style introductions were preceded by a networking afternoon coffee, tea, cakes, and sandwiches session on the marvelous patio of the hotel. Palacio Tangara Caf+® da Manh+ú_0001While it was a great escape for invitees to experience a mini-vacation only 16 kilometers from the city center, it was also a great opportunity to for everyone to catch up on the latest business news and learn about the soon available products in the showrooms around the city.Palacio Tangara _MG_6184

Source: some photos of Palacio Tangara are courtesy of The Leading Hotels of the World.

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