Project Qatar 2018 – ready to hit the ball?

Project Qatar the-ball-488701_640 soccer field


Is Qatar ready for the 2022 FIFA World Cup yet? Not quite, but judging by the Project Qatar 2018 trade fair from 7 to 10 May 2018 at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center the country is on the fast-track to achieving all goals set for the big sporting event. Project Qatar logo getFileIt is the first FIFA-hosted event in the Arab world. This honor and the race to meet Qatar Vision 2030 spur the government and the investors on to upgrade transportation, infrastructure, healthcare, education, sustainability, and tourism in a way that the country will shine brightly. Project Qatar 30582165_Doha skyline Project Qatar is the 15th edition of the international trade fair that was focusing on construction technology, building materials, equipment, and environmental technology. The 412 exhibitors of whom 141 were local represented 29 countries and portrayed a good image of the growing construction sector in Qatar. Project Qatar getFile (4) trade fair visitorsThe new and continued projects attracted key players to the country that help to bring Qatar to an international standard, energizes economic growth, and implements sustainable development in the small peninsular country. Project Qatar getFile (9) bricksOnly bordering to Saudi Arabia, Qatar is the country with the highest per capita income in the world thanks to natural gas and oil reserves which are the third largest in the world. The Qatar Vision 2030’s goal is to invest heavily in renewable resources. Project Qatar glas-1302747_640 glass domeThe participation of many foreign companies at Project Qatar 2018 from countries such as China, Turkey, Iran, Germany, Kuwait, Italy, the United Kingdom, Pakistan, Austria, Malaysia, and other countries, showed the international commitment to elevate standards. Project Qatar getFile trade show visitorsDuring Project Qatar, the Future Conference Qatar that ran for the first time during the trade fair kicked off with a panel discussion on ‘Shaping the Future of Qatar’s construction’. It was followed by project updates and upcoming opportunities for investors in construction and real estate. Project Qatar 29595251_2311568628885461_ glass domeQatar still has a way to go until the doors to FIFA World Cup will open. It is planned to realize at least 100 roads and infrastructure developments in 2018 and 2019. But the government also does not shy away from the discussions about sustainability, socioeconomic developments, and environmental considerations.  Project Qatar ship-436820_640These overarching topics are very much in line with workshops with Joe Azzarello that we had conducted last year in Qatar in relation to sustainability and water-saving.

Source: some photos for Project Qatar are courtesy of Visit Qatar.

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