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On 3 October 2018, the 12th edition of the annual design competition for the hotel industry Radical Innovation Awards is going to put on live presentations of the finalist at the New Museum in New York City.  radical innovation awards radical-innovation-logoJohn Hardy, CEO of The John Hardy Group, who is the founder and the initiator for these awards has been paramount in encouraging creative geniuses, designers, students, brands, and engineers to participate and submit new, creative, and disruptive ideas for hospitality.  radical innovation awards new-york-city-336475_640The finalists have been determined based on creativity, inspiration design and how the invention will impact the industry. The contestants will defend their projects in live pitches in front of a live audience. The audience will give their vote to select the grand winner.   radical innovation awards manhattan-407703_640The lucky winner takes home USD 10,000 and the runner-up prize is USD 5,000. Additionally, all participants, guests, and attendees have a chance to meet industry peers from the hospitality industry to exchange more ideas and thoughts.

The three finalists are:

Autonomous Travel Suite

Steve Lee of the Los Angeles-based Aprilli Design Studio created the concept of a self-driven rental car or van equipped as a hotel room that combines hospitality and transport. The solar-powered vehicle acting as a mini hotel room picks guests up at their home and brings them to their final destination while they use their time to work or sleep.  radical innovation awards blog-radical-innovation-headerWhen arriving, the vehicle docks at the hotel and becomes an integral part of the hotel room that the guests reserved. If travelers have any specific needs during their transit time, drones will be used to supply food or other amenities. Interestingly, on a smaller scale, this concept has also been picked up by design students who won ‘Best Student Design 2018’ with their Room Extension Solution Hotel. The idea of using travel time more efficiently is a definite game changer for future hotel service.  radical innovation awards blog-radical-innovation-02

Le Colline Incantate Hotel

The Italian-based Network of Architecture (NOA*) firm designed a hotel that is fully integrated into the Italian Alps landscape and is planned as a retreat for single parents and their children. The fully protected and comfortable hotel complex is covered with plants and offers a recluse from the daily lives. The architects worked closely with psychologists to create areas of calm and balance for the well-being of the guests. Different zones also offer rooms for group sessions and relaxation.  radical innovation awards blog-radical-innovation-03

Aquaponic Experience Hotel

The Parisian firm Varinot & Varinot Architectes conjured up ideas and designs of a closed-circuited hotel with a vertical system. The sustainable hotel concept is an experience in self-sufficiency. Rainwater will be collected and treated to be used in the eco-system of the building and thereby reduce overall water consumption and produce efficient quantities. At the hotel fresh fruit, fish, and vegetables will be available in the restaurant and herbs and plants are growing in the rooms while the spa offers some treatments with algae.  radical innovation awards blog-radical-innovation-07radical innovation awards blog-radical-innovation-08

We are giddy to know who is going to be the grand-prize winner of the Radical Innovation Awards. All of the projects have a potential to open up a totally new segment in the industry and will be interesting to see them realized.

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Source: some photos are courtesy of Radical Innovation Awards, Forbes,

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