Ravi Varanasi – Kohler GM BD and Sustainability

Ravi Varanasi


Ravi Varanasi is our General Manager – Business Development: Sustainability based in Chennai, India.Ravi Varanasi in a suit

He delivers next-generation user experiences, creates new growth opportunities for both Indian and International emerging markets in Sustainability and Circular Economy and develops and executes  CSR and Stewardship programs.Landscape from Ravi Varanasi

Ravi says about himself: “I am an impatient optimist! Otherwise a water and energy professional. I am a huge fan of biomimicry and spend my spare time nowadays learning all about nature and how we can mimic it to make our planet more hospitable than hostile for our future generations.

Each of us has a role to play in sustainable and gracious living for all. Given where we are in this time with human-induced climate change, I believe our natural capital needs to be looked at as an attractive if not imperative investment destination by all of humankind.”

Sunset by Ravi VaranasiHe is very interested in working in areas around conservation of natural resources, their rights and environmental sustainability. Biodiversity is what evolution is all about and we are better at learning from each other and leaning on each other than looting the other.

Food, forest, and fauna are the three pillars on which the world survives on (if not thrives on). The planet before the industrial revolution had clean air and water and as we adopted more technology and applied science to make our lives more comfortable and convenient, we seemed to have forgotten all branches of biology.

Microbiology was limited to medicine. Botany and zoology were largely limited to the classification and the properties and vital phenomena of plant and animals. Agriculture was largely limited to productivity gains, nowhere did anyone look at the mycelium of the interactions between these.

Nature shot by Ravi VaranasiRavi believes: “It is about time that people and companies invested in researching these natural neural networks which mimic the human brain to produce the much desirable outcomes for our civilization.”

Recently Ravi was interviewed with Christy Davis from Asia P3 Hub where he brought up another favorite subject of his – combinatorial innovation.

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