Real Rain™ – escape to the Amazon

Real Rain shower panel


It is very rare that a product gets more attention from the gala dinner guests than the main hosts. Especially when these hosts are David Kohler and Larry Yuen. Real Rain at HeavenHowever, this is exactly what happened on Wednesday night 30 August 2017 at the gala dinner of the Kohler Design Escape and the 15th-anniversary celebration of Kohler Thailand.Real Rain at heavenThe new Real Rain™ showering panel was the star of the evening. The ultra modern technology that allows water drops to vary in size when exiting the 775 nozzles in itself draws the attention of the potential customer – combine it with a stunning design, heads turn, mobile phones are whipped out of pockets, photos are snapped away, and attention strays from whatever happens on stage to this dazzlingly beautiful product display.Real Rain at HeavenShowroom designer Pittaya Dechderm enveloped this new product perfectly and harmoniously in a lush carpet of greenery, plants and large, real, mind-blowingly gorgeous white orchids. Real Rain at HeavenHe drew his inspiration from his imagination of the Amazon river.Real Rain orchids at HeavenIf you lose yourself in the calming flow of innumerable gentle raindrops, all sounds in the room fade away and your mind carries you away to another place. But be aware, just like in Thailand where we are no strangers to deluge rain showers during the rainy season from June to October, Real Rain can take you there as well.Real Rain deluge at HeavenThe deluge function closely imitates a water rush and cloud burst. To be perfectly precise, 1.9 liters of water in eight seconds. Even during the heaviest down pour, though, the Real Rain designers didn’t lose sight of water conservation and our environment. The water flow only used 7.6 liters per minute.Real Rain at HeavenNow, sit back and let your mind wander to this magical place deep, deep in the Amazon where daily rain showers and deluges are just a part of everyday life.

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