Red Dot Award: Design Concept honors mobility

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When you see or encounter something three times, it is a trend. We don’t know the number of times we have encountered the word ‘mobility’ lately but it was a lot. At the Red Dot Award Design Concept festivities, it was no exception.  Red Dot Award Design Concept IMG_0030This section of the Red Dot awards has been in existence since 2005 and it soars in popularity. 5,640 design concept entries from 55 countries were submitted which is 19% more than the previous year. The international jury consisting of 20 design experts recognized 333 concepts and awarded 265 with the prestigious Red Dot.  Red Dot Award Design Concept 45552-preview_low_2188-3_45552_sc_v2comOnly 40 respectively 0.7% received the accolade ‘Best of the Best’ for exceptional design and excellence and 28 took home an Honorable Mention.  Red Dot Award Design Concept 45550-preview_low_2188-3_45550_sc_v2comThe Red Dot Award Design Concept identifies and fetes new design concepts and innovations, ideas, research projects, and prototypes. The future designs and products are sent in by institutions companies, design teams, and individual designers. The competition honors the best of tomorrow’s ideas.  Red Dot Award Design Concept IMG_0785At the Red Dot Award Design Concept ceremony in Singapore, Prof. Dr. Zec, founder and CEO of Red Dot, and Ken Koo, president Red Dot Asia, handed over the trophies to the lucky winners.

Three concepts were nominated for the highest of the awards: Red Dot: Luminary.  Red Dot Award Design Concept 45553-preview_low_2188-3_45553_sc_v2comThese were selected from the 40 concepts that were given ‘Best of the Best’. It is the highest achievement and serves as the inspiration to aspire.   Red Dot Award Design Concept 45557-preview_low_2188-3_45557_sc_v2comMOTOROiD by Yamaha Motor placed as the overall winner not only in the mobility category but among all entries. This proof-of-concept electric motorcycle prototype uses artificial intelligence (AI) and Yamaha exclusive technology to create an entirely new and enhanced mobility experience.  Red Dot Award Design Concept l012SCHOTT® Liminaline is an illumination concept by the German company SCHOTT. The aesthetic high-tech lighting concept is versatile and improves lives. It is applicable in many sizes and can be used indoors and outdoors.  Red Dot Award Design Concept l024The Cookacross concept that topped the culinary category received was the third Luminary choice. The built-in cooktop with a customizable heating surface by the Iranian design studio Zavie plays to the trend of ‘community’ and ‘social interaction’.  Red Dot Award Design Concept l031The jury explained their top choice of the Yamaha MOTOROiD as a ‘perfect example of cooperation between multiple disciplines of engineering and design where styling is not superimposed’ for a better look but is an integration of many actuator and sensor interfaces.  Red Dot Award Design Concept IMG_0139The result is a fully automated, AI-controlled motorcycle. It can come to the rider and keeps its full stability while in motion due to active real-time controls. The concept is unique and one-of-a-kind that shows technological advances perfectly married with design.  Red Dot Award Design Concept 45551-preview_low_2188-3_45551_sc_v2comAfter the awards ceremony, guests could see the winners’ exhibition at the Red Dot Design Museum at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore or have a glimpse at the online exhibition website. As a reference, the 2018/2019 Red Dot Yearbook for design concepts will also showcase all of the selected entries.

We can’t shine with concept wins (yet), but we proudly took home some Red Dots for our products in 2018.

Source: photos are courtesy of Red Dot Award Design Concept and v2com

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