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The 2019 Red Dot: Product Design Awards gala and ceremony on July 8, 2019, celebrated the best manufacturers and designers in the industry and their products and projects. With more than 5,500 entries, the international design scene showed again the massive creative potential in the industry and made the international jury’s job challenging.

As in previous years, they honed into the most outstanding products of 2019. On Monday night, the 80 laureates of the Red Dot: Best of the Best in Product Design 2019 received their trophies and certificates from Professor Dr. Peter Zec, founder and CEO of Red Dot, at the iconic Aalto-Theater in Essen, Germany.

The 1,200 guests awaited the gala with lots of anticipation and danced the night away at the Red Dot Design Museum with the recipients of the Honorable Mentions. The Designers’ Night was also the occasion to preview the exhibitions of the award-winning products before the museum opens to the general public on July 12.

The highlights of the Red Dot: Product Design Awards gala were certainly the Red Dot: Design Team of the Year 2019 who were in attendance and happy to chat with guests, the Teslasuit and, of course, our two winning products Waterfoil and the Kohler Mira Maxim Overhead shower.

The Ferrari Design Team

Flavio Manzoni and the Ferrari Design Team have shown their design excellence over a number of years and continually create innovative, aesthetically outstanding premium sports cars. Between 2015 to 2019 these models won a total of 14 Red Dot distinctions Red Dot: Best of the Best. No other auto manufacturer has achieved this and in fact, Ferrari is the first company that received these accolades five times in a row.

Peter Zec stated that “Ferrari understands better than any other company how to make luxury sports cars objects of desire.” Flavio Manzoni compares his team to a jazz ensemble where each member has their own strength and individual skills working towards a shared goal in an open, trusting culture of communication. Ferrari joins big brands including Apple, Bosch, and Canyon in the Hall of Fame of International Design.

The Teslasuit

The Teslasuit attracted the attention of many of the guests at the awards. The full-body haptic suit by VR Electronics was not only on display but could be touched and tried. It provides an interface between the user and the digital environment and enhances the virtual and augmented reality sense of touch.

The 80 electro-stimulation channels, five thermal feedback channels, and advanced biometric and motion capture systems force feedback. Users navigate the suit via a wireless minicomputer control unit and move around freely and easily. The jury found the design of the high-tech materials and fabrics functional, ergonomic, and in a minimalist way optimized integrating the sensors discreetly. Guests…well, they just could not get enough of it.


Our recent iF Award winner Waterfoil sink convinced the jury at the Red Dot: Product Design Awards as well. The technically sophisticated hand washing sink for public places is an all-in-one solution. The entire washing and drying process takes place in the bowl and keeps the immediate surroundings clean and dry. The nature-inspired shape gives users the feeling of washing their hands in a river. The jury was impressed by the combination of technology and aesthetics.   

Maxim overhead shower

The distinctive design elements and sleek profile of the Maxime overhead shower make it an immediate Red Dot winner. The white spray area is inspired by the movement of water that achieves a unique and dynamic design. The nozzles on the outside deliver a fine water spray that contrasts the centrally placed focused spray. The combination reminds of a refreshing rain shower. The thought-through concept convinced the experts of its premium workmanship and high quality.

Our pick of the Best of the Best

The 80 Best of the Best are all fascinating and innovative products. We marvel at the designs and the craftsmanship that went into each one of them. And of course, we have a few favorites that we want to share with you.

In addition to the endlessly mesmerizing Teslasuit, the Ferrari Monza SP1 draws inspiration from the evocative Ferraris of the 1950s. The impressive technology is seamlessly married with world-class design. Its aerodynamic wing profile of a one-seater road car has captivating proportions.

The design has a feel of speed through the innovative and patented ‘virtual windshield’ that deviates airflow and delivers a one-of-a-kind ‘en plein air’ driving pleasure and comfort. The jury found the sports car design a perfect reduction of the essentials.

Thinking of fast cars and vehicles, the first look at the pastel-colored Talee cranial orthosis helmet reminds of a motorcycle head covering. In fact, the innovative concept represents a new advancement in the established helmet therapy for newborns who suffer from severe cranial deformities.

The cranial orthosis allows treating and shaping the heads of patients in an effective and comfortable way during a period of three months. The child-friendly helmet was designed in close collaboration with parents and physicians using interactive, individual configurators and 3D printing to achieve maximum lightweight.  

The wireless Glass Sound Speaker LSPX-S2 by Sony incorporates an innovative system of light and music, advanced technology, and design. The design of the second-generation speaker is minimalist with a strong center of gravity. The up-facing full-range speaker and tweeter with its minimal size produce an optimal aural harmony. The organic, illuminated appearance allows the speakers to be placed anywhere in the room – even as a design element.

Sitting is the new smoking. So, at least we should do it in style. The Cosm office chair by Herman Miller, Zeeland of Michigan, USA, feels comfortable and flexible. The almost weightless sitting experience with the auto-harmonic tilt and intercept suspension provides balance and freedom of movement adapted to the body and posture of each person on the chair.  The Cosm’s elastomeric suspension provides dynamic spinal support and the thin, strong frame is almost invisible. It has an elegant, almost sculptural appearance that can easily be customized with different colors.  

The Centor S4 insect screen and shade system by Centor Holdings Pty Ltd, Brisbane, Australia, convinced with its inside-outside living experience. The system prevents insects to enter large rooms that would otherwise be infiltrated by the little critters and protects effectively against sunlight. The load balancing technology allows the screen to glide smoothly across the whole door opening and retracts discreetly into the frame when not in use. The optimal airflow and visibility are ensured with an ultra-fine mesh. The jury loved the sophisticated form, functionality, and robustness.

At The Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland in Grindavik, Iceland, the client and Basalt Architects found an intriguing solution to bring the breathtaking nature into the hotel rooms. The luxury hotel was built directly into an 800-year old lava flow and is encircled by the Blue Lagoon’s mineral-rich waters. Blurring the boundaries between men and nature, the volcanic surrounding informed the tone-to-tone color schemes and simple shapes of the interiors. The restrained luxury is timeless, yet sophisticated and reflects the Scandinavian and Nordic design.

While everything in a kitchen has to be functional, it can also be aesthetic. The clear geometric lines of Skyline Frame ceiling lift hood by berbel Ablufttechnik GmbH from Rheine, Germany, achieve this easily. The impressive geometric sculptural form reminds of a floating object. The narrow, matte black frame adds an urban chick of a modern loft to any space. At the same time, the Skyline Frame is highly functional and versatile. It is equipped with a strong system for effective fat separation, a quiet EC fan motor to ensure clean air, and integrated effect lighting.

The Roomba® i7+ robot vacuum cleaner with clean base™ Automatic Dirt disposal by iRobot from Boston, USA, is an innovative approach that incorporates intelligence and automation. It ‘learns’ by mapping a house’s floor plan. It then starts to act self-sufficiently, reducing human interaction to a max. The vacuum cleaner is fully Alexa-enabled and can use Google Assistant for voice-command cleaning. The automatic dirt disposal empties the contents of the vacuum’s dust bin into the Clean Base where it is also charged.

The sun plays an important role in humans’ well-being. The Dawn to Dusk table and floor lamp by Haberdashery, London, United Kingdom, was inspired by the ambiance of the rising and the setting sun. The lamps can manually be adapted to simulate the changing light. They change gradually from off-state at the bottom into an intense red or orange and peach at the top. The color range is achieved by three sets of LED arrays that blend to deliver a highly natural color palette that correlates with the natural circadian rhythms of the owners.  

The Red Dot: Product Design Awards are always a treasure trove for design inspirations. The products are exhibited at the Red Dot Design Museum in Germany and will be published in a customized publication.

Learn more about previous international design awards: Red Dot Awards 2018, iF Awards 2019.

Source: photos are courtesy of Red Dot.

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