The richness of experiences at the KOHLER Design Forum Vancouver 2019

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At the KOHLER Design Forum Vancouver on May 23, 2019, a group of stellar speakers presented the perspective of the year ‘Experiential Luxury’ and its definition ‘richness of experiences’ to an eclectic audience of architects and designers.

richness of experiences

The approximately 140 guests enthusiastically welcomed David Kohler, president and CEO of Kohler Company, to the stage at the Vancouver Convention Centre for a passionate presentation about the company’s 145-year history and the many achievements.

richness of experiences

He was followed by a short introduction about the global KOHLER Design Forums. Larry Yuen, president Kitchen & Bath Group, explained the concept of the event that has been held in design hubs around the world for the past five years and was making its debut in the beautiful city of Vancouver in 2019.

Guest speakers Ramsin Khachi of Khachi Design Group and Jason Sarai of Style by Sarai & SARAI BESPOKE gave invitees their take on the ‘Experiential Luxury’ perspective. They shared their thoughts and insights on changing design sensibilities, the richness of experiences, values, quality, and craftsmanship. Each addressed the topic with their personal style and approach to mesmerize the audience with examples and illustrations.

Erin Lilly, Decorative Design Studio Manager at Kohler Company, took guests even a step further on a journey into the changing perception of luxury and its democratization. She artfully explained the nuances and subtle shifts to satisfy consumers’ cravings for the intangible and the collection of moments in the presence. Or in her words: “you had to be there” situations.

richness of experiences

A lively panel discussion with the speakers led by the evening’s moderator Bianca Solterbeck, creator and producer of the real estate show Luxury Hunters, rounded off the more formal part of the event. The spectators also had a chance to ask their questions.

richness of experiences

More in-depth discussions about the richness of experiences happened outside the conference room in the foyer where sophisticated food and beverage options were offered to the guests. All were invited to linger and network with each other and get to know the speakers.

The evening of the KOHLER Design Forum was a celebration of like-minded people in the design and architecture industry who shared their views and opinions about luxury, lifestyle, and its interpretations.

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