Run for Clarity Bangalore competing with Pod Taxis

Run for Clarity Bangalore 16

Bangalore is one of the fastest growing cities in India with lots of smart people in it. Titled the ‘Silicon Valley of India’, the city was the perfect backdrop for the Run for Clarity Bangalore on 28 October 2018.  Run for Clarity Bangalore bangalore-550793_64035 associates, families and friends took to Bangaluru’s streets as the city is called locally. Although they would probably have preferred to take the Pod Taxis as traffic is, as in all Indian cities, quite dense. However, the project of the Pod Taxis is not quite off the ground yet. The new public transportation option will probably be built as a public-private partnership and will be an additional attraction point in Karnataka’s capital.  Run for Clarity Bangalore 800px-ULTra_001The pods will only go for short distances of four to seven kilometers but could be a great relief for traffic jams if the 21,000 pods that are planned are all in circulation. The distance that the futuristic pods will travel would have easily covered the five kilometers that each of the runners or walkers in the Run for Clarity Bangalore mastered.  Run for Clarity Bangalore 7The runners who used the less busy streets in the city helped raise awareness for clean water around the world. Many rural areas, especially in India, are lacking easy access to drinking water and the inhabitants must walk long distances to fetch water from wells or reservoirs. Often the water that they get for their families and the community is in no condition to be drunk and results in many illnesses. Often children cannot go to school or adults are too sick to work.  Run for Clarity Bangalore 11The Run for Clarity Bangalore with all the fun-loving and enthusiastic associates who contributed valuable kilometers to the grand total of 80,150 kilometers of the Run for Clarity 2018 has brought everyone closer to the goal and our important mission to facilitate access to potable water.  Run for Clarity Bangalore 13The Clarity water filters that will be distributed upon reaching the set goal at the end of November will alleviate the hardship of so many families who currently struggle to get clean water. Their lives will probably be even more changed and improved with this easy-to-use water filtration system. In any case, whether Taxi Pods or charity runs, Bangalore is a place on the map to watch for innovative activities and projects.  Run for Clarity Bangalore 322

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