Run for Clarity – Changzhou’s dancing dinos are watching

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The Blue Harbor Park Changzhou China in the New North District was the starting point for the Changzhou team to commence their walk and Run for Clarity on 29 August 2018. Equipped with the latest t-shirts and flags of the 2018 Run for Clarity, our team in Changzhou, dubbed the Dragon Town, were strong advocates to raise awareness of water scarcity in rural areas in the world.  changzhou IMG_2263They walked and ran through the park until they reached the China Dinosaur Park where dinosaur enthusiasts can see the world’s earliest, biggest and most complete Hadrosaur fossil, 50 other fossils and numerous bones on display.  changzhou IMG_2254For the less serious traveler, the park offers a large amusement section with thirty dinosaur themed rides and sculptures that swagger in the rhythm of the music played.  changzhou china-dinosaur-parkThe paleontology of the park did not stop our runners to continue their mission to run five and a half kilometers. All the participants completed the round and added an important number of kilometers to the goal of a grand total of 80,125 kilometers that all the Kohler Associates are aiming to reach by the end of October 2018.  changzhou IMG_2194Changzhou on the south border of the Yangtze River about 160 kilometers from Shanghai is probably best known for the Tianning Temple, a tall Buddhist pagoda, and the fun-filled dinosaur park.  changzhou IMG_2324To set another mark on the map of the four-pillar industrial city (mechanical, electrical manufacture, automobile manufacture, and textile), the Changzhou team organized the Run for Clarity and made every effort to raise awareness for clean drinking water an extra-fun experience.  changzhou IMG_2208Carrying the flag through the park and contributing to the global cause was one thing, building the team spirit and having an amusing time out in nature was similarly important.  changzhou IMG_2335Once the goal of the total kilometers is achieved, Kohler Company will be able to help 40,000 people in dire need of clean drinking water through the distribution of Clarity Water Filters that operate without electricity and clean river and rainwater of most bacteria.  changzhou -play-valley-1402330_640We came across the city of Changzhou previously when our team organized the Bold. Art. exhibition at the Changzhou Golden Harbor.

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