Milwaukee’s Saint Kate Arts Hotel is the new fine arts Disney World

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If you agree with the research that that art influences our moods, we suggest that you plan a trip to downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.A., and be prepared for an emotional rollercoaster while visiting the newly opened Saint Kate Arts Hotel.

Saint Kate Arts Hotel

In spring 2019 the Saint Kate hotel, formerly the InterContinental in Milwaukee, received its first guests after a complete transformation and refurbishment. The Arts Hotel is truly a treat for guests and visitors who enjoy visual and performing arts.

Saint Kate Arts Hotel

Drawing inspiration from Saint Catherine of Bologna, the patron saint of artists, the hotel is a treasure trove of multidisciplinary local art and artists from Wisconsin. The permanent art collection alone consists of more than 100 contemporary art pieces curated by Russell Bowman, former director of the Milwaukee Art Museum and founding advisor of Sculpture Milwaukee; Linda Marcus, nationally recognized multidisciplinary artist, designer, storyteller; and Saint Kate curator Maureen Ragalie, formerly of the David Zwirner Gallery and Cristin Tierney Gallery in New York.

Visitors who want to connect to what St. Kate curator Maureen Ragalie calls “the spirit of creativity and incredible artistic talent” can visit the on-site galleries or just hang out in the various venues of the hotel. The entrance features a life-size cast-bronze horse sculpture titled Big Piney by Deborah Butterfield that could either take your breath away or make your heart beat faster—or both.

Saint Kate Arts Hotel

Jason S. Yi’s Plume 02 site-specific installation hovers in the open stairwell for art lovers to observe and be swept away. The art piece representing a beautiful, yet destructive smoke cloud made of insulation foam, wood and latex paint has the potential to stir one’s emotions.   

Scientific studies have shown that strategic placement of art and the art itself can elicit emotional responses from the viewers. The colors, patterns and the subject of the creations have the power to alter the mood.

Saint Kate Arts Hotel

The independent Saint Kate hotel is a new home for the curious traveler interested in the whole palette of art and the creative process. The hotel celebrates all art forms, craftsmanship and artisanal skills.

For example, a closer look at craftsmanship and collaborations reveals photographs of the hands of the construction workers indicating each floor number in American Sign Language. Or zooming in on the bar on the ground floor and lobby shows beautiful KOHLER WasteLAB™ tiles. These subtle touches connect the property to the community and show true concern for the environment.

Saint Kate Arts Hotel

The neurological underpinnings of perceiving art are powerful. Guests will, albeit this is subjective, be touched by patterns and traits of the five Canvas room. These fully immersive guest rooms invite for a sleepover with the arts. The visual stimuli may create initial confusion but soon turns into pleasure and wonder through the release of dopamine in the brain. While staying in one of these art-overflowing rooms, the mood further lifts due to knowing that the proceeds benefit nonprofit art organizations and initiatives and supports emerging artists.

Saint Kate Arts Hotel

Each bathroom sink in the other 214 rooms –the astonishing KOHLER® Veil™ – is a unique art piece with floral inlays designed for Saint Kate hotel by artist Daniel Chung.

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