Salone del Mobile 2019 – world’s brightest interior design show

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The underground train was full to the brink with design-interested persons heading out of the city limits to the fairgrounds and the 58th Salone del Mobile.

This year’s Salone del Mobile 2019 brings as every year the latest in furniture and interior design to the industry professionals who come from all over the world to learn about new trends, the best colors, trendy shapes, forms, and patterns, and to network with their counterparts.

The fair includes the bi-annual Euroluce, an exhibition that brings lights and everything connected to lighting design into the foreground. One of the dominant trends in 2019 is the use of light as a self-sufficient design element and not as a supporting function for other design parts.

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The designs and forms come into their own right and push the boundaries of design objects. Chandeliers are bigger, brighter, more elaborate, and intriguing.

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Lighting companies such as Serip – we have seen them with a wonderful installation at Design Shanghai – and Occhio demonstrate beautifully that light can almost be an art piece. Arturo Alvarez even elevates the lights to a new level with its limited Leria series. The wonderful installations could mesmerize the beholder for hours on end.


Not any less fascinating are the creations at the Swarovski booth. In a much smaller and more modest form, the brand displayed some of the newest pieces last month in Shanghai, but now they totally went in with a big booth to walk through and letting visitors delve into the world of brilliance, lights, and shiny objects.

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The enormous exhibition halls warranted big booths. Some of the brands booth were almost a sort of mini exhibition in themselves wrapping delegates into their world of brand story telling. Security guards carefully screened visitors who were almost exclusively armed with mobile phones that they had at their ready for taking the best and most stunning shots of never-before-seen products.

Salone del Mobile 2019 IMG_3760

A few brands didn’t want their photos taken, but it made it even more interesting for visitors to take sneaky shots of displays whenever they had a chance. The number of exhibitors and the products showcased leave delegates in a state of wonder. The few impressions we captured are just a tiny glimpse into the world of furniture and lighting. Enjoy.

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