First Salt resort opens in Palmar, Mauritius

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Mauritius architect Maurice Giraud designed the 59-bedroom beach resort in 2005. Its unique location at the waterfront and the special structure caught the interest of Lux* Resorts in later years. The gem on the Mauritian shore needed more attention, more guests, and a diverse clientele.   

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Paul Jones, CEO of Lux* Resorts, commissionedMauritius architect Jean-Francois Adam of JFA Architectsand French tribal pop artists Camille Walala in collaboration with Julia Jomaa to redesign and refurbish the existing structure.  

Salt Resort Mauritius ZETTELER_Camille Walala_SALT of Palmar_Photography by Tekla Evelina Severin_Room_301_pool_plus-2

On 1 November 2018, the brand new and first Salt resort has opened its doors to guests from around the world.  

The new Salt resort hotel brand is a humanistic approach to hospitality. It addresses the interests of the ‘Cultural Purists’, a term coined by Paul Jones. The modern explorers seek travel experiences that go beyond the road and the destination. They are culturally curious, environmentally conscious, love to interact with the local community and surroundings, and are healthy and active.

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The Salt resort of Palmar on Mauritius’ east coast integrates the local Mauritius way of life and the joy of living in this new concept. Inspirations for the bold design have been taken from the island itself that is dotted with colorfulhouses, incredible seascapes, unforgettable sunsets, and more. The contrast andintensity of the colors were a great basis for the geometrically, color-intenseSalt resort.   

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Mauritius is a volcanic island with white sand beaches, deep blue and green water, and intense skies. Both Adam and Walala soaked up this bouquet of colors and translated it into their designs at the hotel and cleverly weaved in heritage and modern culture.   

Salt Resort Mauritius 01 - SOP ENTRANCE - 2018.07.26

The hotel concept doesn’t stop with the design. The new philosophy really brings in the local community every step of the way and along the customer journey. Whether in the 950 handcrafted and locally designed ceramic pieces of tableware, the weaved beach bags or rattan chairs, every detail in the hotel is intricately linked to the local culture and community. The food served at the hotel comes from its own farm, is seasonal, and adheres to the concept of ‘zero-waste’(say no buffets).  

Salt Resort Mauritius 03 - SOP RESTAURANT - 2018.07.26

A range of activities will satisfy the curious mind of the traveler either through courses, tours, classes or the possibility to explore the island individually with the hotel’s own app and guidebook as well as cars that are provided to guests. At the Skill Swap program, guests can exchange time and talent with local producers, designers, artisans, fishermen, potters, and basket weavers. Hence, the experienced at the Salt resort will be truly unforgettable.   

The hotel group has a partnership with a non-profit organization called IslandBio to support the local community in more ways and has been awarded the PositiveLuxury butterfly, a mark of excellence in handling the social and environmental surrounding respectfully.  

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Source: some photos of Salt resort are courtesy of Camille Walala and Julia Jomaa and the resort and their Instagram page. Photos by Tekla Evelina Severin.

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