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San Francisco Decorator Showcase zac52544_rgb-S

San Francisco University High School students directly benefit from the San Francisco Decorator Showcase by receiving financial aid. For the past 41 years, the San Francisco Decorator Showcase has been a design fundraiser amassing more than 16 million USD to help students pay for school in the Bay Area.  San Francisco Decorator Showcase zac52562_rgb-SThis is not the only reason of existence for the project of the San Francisco Decorator Showcase, of course. Every year, since 1977, a group of selected West Coast designers transforms a building that is up for sale at a prestigious address in a San Francisco neigboorhood into an interior design jewel.  San Francisco Decorator Showcase zac50063_rgb-SThe 2018 group comprised of twenty top interior and landscape designers that renovated and refurbished a property in the Marina district that was listed for 8.9 million dollars. The 465 Marina Boulevard house with 26 rooms including six bedrooms and five and a half bathrooms was designed by the architect George Edward McCrea (1871-1943) in 1930.  San Francisco Decorator Showcase zac52586_rgb-SMcCrea originally from Canada migrated with his family to the United States and settled in the late 1890s in the Bay Area. He created the property in a distinct Spanish Revival architecture style that was quite popular in the early 21st century. Although the building may not sit on one of the dramatic hills of San Francisco, it is an interesting pick – alone for the stunning views of the San Francisco Bay and on the Golden Gate Bridge.  San Francisco Decorator Showcase zac52567_rgb-SThe San Francisco Decorator Showcase committee made quite a bold statement with the building’s exterior. The ‘Eyes on the Hue’ façade was designed by artist AJ Oishi of Simon Breitbard Fine Arts. The mural painting is loud and draws everyone’s attention considering that this neighborhood is actually known for its subdued use of colors in the outdoors.  San Francisco Decorator Showcase zac52546_rgb-SThe three-story, 5, 420 square feet house was a perfect canvas for the twenty designers to show their talent and apply the latest interior design trends. Ian Stallings designed a kitchen showcasing strong colors. The use of Da Vinci marble for countertops and backsplashes works exceptionally well with the Kohler sink. San Francisco Decorator Showcase zac52580_rgb-SAdele Lapointe of A N D Design tackled the challenge of the master bathroom with color hues in the greens. The PVD finishes on the faucets strongly accentuate the room’s atmosphere.  San Francisco Decorator Showcase zac52525_rgb-SIn style with the 1930s, a powder room is not missing in the building. Designed by Beth Daecher of +bd home the theme of this space is ‘seascape’ featuring our fixtures as well.  San Francisco Decorator Showcase zac52532_rgb-SThe San Francisco Decorator Showcase was open during the month of May 2018. Thereafter it was put on the market again and rumor has it that it will be going for a much higher sales price with the added value of the outstanding interior designs.  San Francisco Decorator Showcase zac52549_rgb-S


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