A Feast for the eyes: San Francisco Decorator Showcase 2019

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Back at it again, the 42nd annual San Francisco Decorator Showcase has opened its door to benefit San Francisco University High School’s Financial Aid Program. This year featured the historic 18,000 square-foot mansion known as “Le Petit Trianon” at ‪3800 Washington Street ‪in the Presidio Heights neighborhood. The house was built in 1904, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and was inspired by an original chateau in Versailles, France.

The mansion showcases 33 renovated spaces designed by top interior designers from the West Coast. These are some highlights you cannot miss:

The Balcony Garden: The Skylight Conservatory by Brandon Pruett Design

Brandon Pruett brings fresh air and life into the central atrium of the mansion. This stunning space highlights a top-floor railing garden with different types of plants, Baroque stained glass windows and the ceiling’s abundance of natural light. Combining a green environment and a classic design makes this space more than just a typical atrium.

L’espace Tranquille by Julie Rootes Interiors

Julie Rooters decorated this room inspired by Paris’s classical hotel bathrooms with a modern aesthetic twist. The parquet floors, the Pierre Frey floral wall coverings, and the lightly shaded marble walls are the perfect combinations of patterns and materials. The highlights include twinkling bronze shell sconces and a gold-framed shower to add elegance and glamour to this bathroom.

San Francisco decorator
Photo by John Merkle

The Wo-Man Cave by Kelly Hohla Interiors

The bright abstract wallpaper, the contemporary art pieces, and a large black and white rug are the mixtures of patterns that elevate the lounge into a creative space. This unisex room is not only a spot to chill but also a space to think, relax and gain inspiration. With a built-in tipsy bar in the corner, who wouldn’t want to spend their time in this lounge?

San Francisco decorator
Photo by Christopher Stark

The Garden by Zeterre Landscape Architecture

Jarrod Baumann completely transformed the mansion’s backyard into a little Versailles garden with a geometric inspiration of the neoclassical touch offsetting the style with a contemporary large marble sculpture by Yoko Kubrick.

San Francisco Decorator Showcase is open from April 27 through May 27, read more.

Source: photos are courtesy of San Francisco Decorator Showcase.

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