Save Water and love your bathroom

Our water supply is not only limited but in need of protecting. Today more than ever, companies and individuals are in the position of taking the lead on water conservation and making change happen. If we remember to turn off the water when we brush our teeth, we are helping. If we plant native, drought-resistant gardens, we are making a difference. If we trade in inefficient bathroom products – toilets using 1.6 or gallon per flush (gpf) more gallons of water and shower heads using 2.5 gallons per minute (gpm), we’re having an impact.Thanks to human ingenuity – that beautiful thing – comfort and conserving water are not mutually exclusive. Design continues to move forward in smart, efficient ways, so we don’t have to choose between style, performance and doing our part.
Trade your toilet for a newer model
Toilets are the biggest offenders in the home when it comes to wasting water. Chances are if you haven’t upgraded your toilet in the past 10 years it’s less efficient than it should be. It makes sense to swap your toilet for a high-efficiency toilet that can save up to 16,500 gallons of water each year, reducing water use by up to 20% over a 1.6- to 3.5-gpf toilet.
Swapping older toilets for water-saving toilets with a 1.28-gpf or less and choosing between a single-flush toilet and a dual-flush toilet that lets you choose between a half or full flush will make a difference.

Forsake your leaky faucet
If your faucet is leaking around 60 drops per minute, it’s wasting up 2,304 gallons per year.* It makes sense to change it out, and upgrading to a new 1.5-gpm faucet can save a significant amount of water each year, up to 30% over a 2.2-gpm faucet. Choosing a new style or finish can give your bathroom a new look.

* Statistics taken from homewaterworks.orgHere we are with smart, beautifully designed options that invite us to upgrade our experiences along with water efficiency. All the more reason to do our part today.

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