Sensory overload at Fuorisalone 2019

Sony sensory overload

The Fuorisalone 2019 wound down on April 14, 2019. The impressions of an action-packed week and the sensory overload will linger a lot longer.

Salone del Mobile 2019

Big and small brands take the opportunity around the Salone del Mobile to showcase their latest products and services at the fair and often partner with designers, artists, and creative types for installations within the city.

Salone del Mobile 2019

To create a highlight list, it would be quite difficult because the more than 1,000 events are impossible to see within the five days. However, some of the exhibitions stood out. In the Tortona district, the Sony space attracted visitors for the digital dog showing emotions and big and small balls following curious visitors around in a space.

Sony Sensory overload

The zipper building caught the attention from the outside and fascinated visitors within the space with two large-scale installations representing a departure to open spaces and new perspectives.

IQOS sensory overload

In Brera, everyone flocked to the AQUA installation that honored Leonardo da Vinci’s ingenious invention from 500 years ago. There were more installations that took water upon themselves as a theme.

Aqua sensory overload

The immersive installation of Iris Ceramica in collaboration with the SOS School of Sustainability and Mario Cucinella created a walk-through space where slabs of marble were dripping water from the ceiling into a shallow pool. The combination of the sound of water drops hitting the surface below and the curated music created a wonderful calming experience.

Sensory overload

Smaller brands or even shops banked on the visitors’ curiosity. To draw them in Masiero created a white façade with just one word. Upon entering the space, one was wrapped up in strings – clotheslines – hanging from the ceiling. To see through was almost impossible but also intriguing. When venturing deeper into the space, a large chandelier was the only object in the room. The visual effect with the strings and the feeling of being completely engulfed and being part of the installation hushed visitors.

Sensory overload

It would be amiss not to mention the excellent installation by Louis Vuitton. The historic palazzo Serbelloni itself is worth a visit and the exhibition of a Temporary Paper Structure of Shigeru Ban as well. However, climbing the narrow spiral stairs to the exhibition space opened a whole new world.

Louis Vuitton objets nomads

Under the theme ‘Objets Nomads’ Louis Vuitton’s designed a space of color, shapes, and patterns where visitors wanted to linger. The combination with excellent lighting and installation added to the sensory overload experience.

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