Seoul design scene embraced Interior Design Korea 2019

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Seoul, the busy South Korean metropolis, has received their fair share of fame with the Gangnam style song that boosted the Seoul design scene.  It has since then definitely been known as the destination for architecture, art, design, fashion, and music. Although even before the K-Pop’s rise, the Seoul design scene has been a strong focus for architects and interior designers.

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The South Korean inspiring megacity was named World Design Capital in 2010. The latest in fashion, music, architecture, and design set standards that spiral out to all corners of Asia and the world.

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In a vibrant place where the 24-hours Dongdaemun Design Plaza and the Lotte World Towers are major attractions, the neo-futuristic vibe spread to trade shows as well. Interior Design Korea 2019, probably Korea’s biggest trade show in interiors and interior design set an impressive record in the Seoul design scene.

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The trade exhibition attracted more than 180,000 visitors to the International Exhibition and Convention Center in February 2019 and was an ideal place for a design conference with fascinating speakers and presenters. The series of talks under the theme ‘Total solutions for space’ offered great opportunities for industry professionals to load up on the latest trends, news, and gossip.

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The sessions were divided into professional, business, and trends. Our team used the time and space for a mesmerizing presentation on the advancements of smart technologies in the bathroom and beyond. Cathy Park, director of marketing at Kohler South Korea, took the 50 participants on a journey into the near future.

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The well-received presentation comprising KOHLER Konnect, trends that shape the digital future, and other innovations left room for a question and answer session as well as for networking with peers and friends.

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As an important event in the Seoul design scene, the Interior Design Korea 2019 trade show embraced the latest in the industry.

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