Singapore Art Week 2019: contemporary art meets technology

Singapore Art Week 2019 S.E.A Focus_Credit_ Image courtesy of S.E.A. Focus

The Singapore Art Week 2019 is over. The multidisciplinary art event in its seventh edition ran from January 19 to 27, 2019, all over the small island-state. But not to worry, there are a lot of exhibitions that will go on beyond the last day. If you want to feel like Crazy Rich Asians and stroll through the streets in the Southeast Asian metropole, there is still plenty to see after the festival is over.

Singapore Art Week 2019  at SAM_Image courtesy of Singapore Art Museum

The Singapore Art Week 2019 was taking over the city to raise the awareness and appreciation of tourists and Singaporeans for contemporary and visual art. In collaboration with art institutions, museums, galleries, artists groups and collectives, innovative and memorable experiences and interactions with the arts were created.

Singapore Art Week 2019 ARTWALK Little India 2019_Credit_ Image courtesy of Singapore Tourism Board

Whether an ARTWALK in Little India under the theme ‘Image and Sound of Fragrance’ with intriguing wall murals, performances, and exhibitions, or talks by internationally known industry professionals such as Catherine David, Deputy Director of the Musee National d’Art Moderne at Centre George Pompidou during the IMPART Symposium, there was something for everyone.

Singapore Art Week 2019 LRM_EXPORT_17712441409054_20190124_130015093-1-e1548391595790

The focus on the influence of new technologies on contemporary art was and is omnipresent in Singapore. The MeshMinds Foundation and LASALLE College of the Arts showed the first student-led exhibition of immersive art and the impact of cutting-edge technology. There you could catch the latest on VR painting, 360 films, and 3D printing techniques.

Singapore Art Week 2019 State of Motion 2019_A Fear of Monsters_Image courtesy of AF Antony

Art walks through parks, museums, and other art institutions draw visitors in. The Singapore Art Week 2019 is just the beginning of an interesting art year in Singapore. Artists and curators also didn’t forget the heritage and history. The exhibition ‘Of Wax, Dyes, and Labour’ which is running until February 9, 2019, depicts the almost-forgotten and dead-said art of batik and its interpretation in the modern world.

Singapore Art Week 2019 Of Wax, Dyes and Labour_Credit_Image courtesy of Ben Yap

Between workshops of spray painting with an urban Singaporean artist, gallery openings, and of course lots of food options and meet-ups to hang out in Singapore’s hip places, the Singapore Art Week is something to put on the calendar every year.

Singapore Art Week 2019 The MeshMinds Foundation and LASALLE_Art x Tech for Good_Credit_Image courtesy of MeshMinds

Source: photos are courtesy of Singapore Art Week 2019, artwalkinlittleindia, and FB page OfWaxDyesAndLabour.

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