Completely transformed single-family house in Paris

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A single-family house in Paris’ 10th district became unliveable when house fungus attacked the interior wooden structure. In a total refurbishment, this 120 square-meter single-family house was transformed through humanity and creativity to become a comfortable and environmentally friendly home.

single-family house in Paris

The construction that lasted eight months required to totally recreate the building’s outer envelope and to remodel and change the small dark rooms into a light-filled space. The two-levels were opened with half-height floors in order to capture as much light from the south as possible. The large inside staircase that is topped with a glass roof literally pulls in the light and lets it travel to the ground floor.

To further help the illumination of the space, architects Alia Bengana and Capucine de Cointet used glass walls in the interiors.

single-family house in Paris

While the single-family house is completely redone, the two architects wanted to keep a testament to the history of the building. Using different and varied materials such as larch for the windows, solid oak for the staircase, adding a gritstone wall as well as different metals helped accomplish the mission. The raw materials used in the railings create a light and shadow play of diagonal lines that soften the horizontal and vertical ones.

It was important to the client and the designers to apply high environmental quality to the refurbished building. To avoid diminishing the interior space, insulation for energy efficiency was applied from outside. The complete recreation of the floors allowed for easy installation of heat recovery ventilation.

single-family house in Paris

On the outside, planters were buried to provide enough soil for plants to grow and eventually cover the façade along the wires. The final result is a building in a contemporary and European architecture style spreading out over four floors that is fit for a small family to live in. They can enjoy the inside and benefit from the small courtyard that is typical for this type of single-family house in Paris on the outside.

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Source: photos are courtesy of v2com. Photos by David Cousin-Marsy and Benjamin Chelly.

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