KEC Shanghai touches the six senses

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During the festive grand opening of the KOHLER Experience Center (KEC) Shanghai, on March 6, 2019, guests and hosts were the first live the immersive experience of the brand-new retail space on Nanjing Road in Shanghai’s center. The first Chinese KEC is located in a four-story corner shophouse that was formerly the Kohler flagship store and promises to tingle the six senses.

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In the presence of David Kohler, president and CEO of Kohler Company, Larry Yuen, president Kohler K&B Group, Cedric Ong, president Kohler China, and Xu Anlin, Shanghai Lingbang Industrial Co., Ltd. Manager, Ed Ng, co-founder of AB Concept gave a mesmerizing presentation of the design concept.

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The AB Concept team transformed the whole building into an explorative space of a ‘Journey of Water’ that seamlessly fits in with the company’s commitment to art, design, and the best functionality of the products.

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The fully-functional displays on each floor underline the pioneering initiative of the KECs. Customers can completely immerse themselves in the experience and test, explore, and be touched by the products. Wandering through the retail space takes visitors on a sensual tour.

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Together with local artisans the AB Concept team weaved the theme of ‘Journey of water’ throughout the store. On the first floor, one can learn about Kohler Company and its 145-year history in a walk-through gallery. This is completed with a real antique trough symbolizing the modest beginnings.

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On the second floor, visitors enter a secret garden. The lighting, atmosphere, and design inspire to dream and visualize the next bathroom project. The spacious layout in dark stone give room for thought and the high-tech and smart products are fully functional and ready to be touched and tested.

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The building’s third floor reminds of the blueprint of Fifth Avenue in New York City, USA. The boutique-like displays and designs are perfect to show the cabinets and other furniture and showcase the luxury brands KALLISTA and Jacob Delafon. The business area is a welcoming space for architects, designers, and industry professionals to meet with their counterparts, to enjoy a cup of coffee and to talk about their next projects.

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When arriving on the fourth floor, customers will want to take a breather either from walking up the stairs or the overwhelming range of products shown. This space is where the six senses are united and fully addressed. The food and entertainment center is just about ready to receive Shanghai hotel chefs to whip up scrumptious dinners in our own cooking ware. Chefs and guests will feel right at home in the Steve Leung designed kitchen.

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When the sun goes down over Shanghai, people come out to enjoy a few drinks and love to socialize. This space with its expansive terrace is a great location to plan future customized events with finger food and signature cocktails shaken and stirred by world-class bartenders.

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The relaxation space is a big spa area. Several rooms allow customers and guests to test the products for real or get excellent spa treatments. The spa is the final piece in the six senses puzzle to fully embrace customers and provide a one-of-a-kind experience.

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There is only one more thing for you to do – visit the KEC Shanghai to experience it all yourself.

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