Smart Bathroom Suite Technology descends on Chongqing

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At the Kitchen and Bath China trade exhibition in Shanghai, we launched the KOHLER Konnect bathroom suite products and the first smart home apartment mesmerizing clients from near and far.  KOHLER Konnect bathroom suite tech 2048696924The connected bathroom suite features a connected, voice-activated mirror, a voice-controlled shower, and bathtub, as well as a touchless toilet. It left visitors in the five-star apartment speechless.  KOHLER Konnect bathroom suite tech 1219625685For the team, this was just the beginning. Recently, they were in Chongqing in Southwestern China attending the launch event of the Marrier project to introduce KONNECT 3.0 and the IoT life concept.  Kohler Konnect bathroom suite tech 263492889The exclusive residential condominium will be the first in Southwest China to have a KOHLER Konnect bathroom suite system as a standard feature in its units. The property that is being built up now is equipped with similar standards as ONE57 New York City and the Southbank Tower in London in other parts of the condominiums. However, none of them are equipped with the connected bathroom suite features yet.  Kohler Konnect bathroom suite tech 497550797The system is the latest innovation on the market powered by IFLYTEK, a Chinese voice-operating augmented reality (AR) system that is dominating the Chinese market. It works flawlessly with the Microsoft components that power KOHLER Konnect ensuring that users get the best and most seamless experience.  Kohler Konnect bathroom suite tech 196141079In the height of the fourth industrial revolution, as coined by Klaus Schwab, the founder and CEO of the World Economic Forum, in 2016, technology is becoming an integral part of home life and is disrupting and transforming the way people live, work, and relate to each other. With this paradigm change, we are all striving for security and comfort in our homes.  KOHLER Konnect bathroom suite tech 806123642The smart home systems address this need. The developer of the Wanrui Marrier in Chongqing envisions a suitable and healthy living environment. The building at a total height of 552 meters has a trendy crystal glass façade with a penthouse that includes 4.3-meter-high ceilings and living room windows of 43-meter length.  KOHLER Konnect bathroom suite tech 679679825The 270-degree views over the subtropical city with its 31 bridges over the Yangtze and Jialing rivers are guaranteed.
The building design is just one reason why buyers will be attracted to this property that will be managed by Jones Lang LaSalle with its exclusive 24-hour customized management services.  KOHLER Konnect bathroom suite tech 775525631Another aspect about Wanrui Marrier is that it is a green building satisfying clients’ yearning for greenery, lighting, and ventilation. It has passed the high Green Building standards requirements.  Kohler Konnect bathroom suite tech 1041188744Integrating KOHLER Konnect cloud intelligent systems as a standard feature in the bathroom provides owners with an elevated level of comfort and security. At a click of their remote control, they activate and prepare their favorite bathroom atmosphere.   KOHLER Konnect bathroom suite tech 1871703161The features include an intelligent bathtub filler, bathroom heater, intelligent toilet, temperature sprinkler, and more. By the time users enter the bathroom, the room and products are working impeccably at their preferred settings.  Kohler Konnect bathroom suite tech 86717531If users like, they can even have a chat with the voice-activated TouchMe mirror and do a few dance moves and waves of hands to activate the touchless flush of the intelligent toilet.  KOHLER Konnect bathroom suite tech 1409992716Apart from comfort, the modern city dwellers are concerned with their health. Only 17 projects in China have been approved under the ‘Healthy Housing’ guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO) and Marrier is the only one in Southwest China so far.  KOHLER Konnect bathroom suite tech 窗景2To achieve this label was important to the Marrier developer. They are trendsetters in the industry  by getting involved in the interior design decisions, pushing for healthy residences, and advanced technologies – components that will make a property more attractive for modern customers.  Kohler Konnect bathroom suite tech 1155032904

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