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Smart Home event

The taxi stopped in front of an affluent gate to an almost international residential building complex called ‘The Bund House’ on Zhongshan South Road where the Smart Home is located.  Smart home apartment Shanghai

The lush greenery beyond the gate is quite a contrast to the walls of concrete and the smog haze over Shanghai, China.  Smart Home IMG_3001

Expectations are quite high for the first Smart Home that has been set up for just the occasion of the Kitchen & Bath China show that takes place between 5 June and 8 June 2018 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Visitors from all over Asia and even further away come to check out the latest connected technology in the home.  Smart Home IMG_2993

The 290-square-meter apartment on the ninth floor is a well-designed property. It had lots of extras even before our Kohler China team started to transform it. Now, it is a truly connected apartment with lots of cool, interesting features such as fingerprint and voice recognition of individual users.  Smart Home IMG_3061

When you enter the home and you call out, a voice greets you by name or with an encouraging, uplifting greeting such as ‘welcome home, beautiful’ to start the end of the day. With this greeting, the lights, the temperature and more will be adapted just to your pre-set liking.  Smart Home IMG_3009

In the living room, a water filtration system provides you with water at the right temperature and amount. In the bedroom, the blinds and curtains are drawn with a few simple word commands. The anteroom becomes your personal check-up station with the Touchme mirror that collects all the necessary biometric data to ensure that you are in good health. Continuing on to the bathroom where the mirror plays music, the bath fills, and the toilet seat lifts up to your exact liking.  Smart Home IMG_3032

One just wanders from room to room, dreams up and talks to the walls and ceiling, and the wishes become reality. It used to be a flick of the hand, now it is a single word or short phrase that can change the atmosphere in the space you love the most – home – in an instant.  Smart Home IMG_3050

The ultimate living experience is here. The apartment is open to visit by appointment until the end of the Kitchen & Bath show on 8 June 2018.  Smart Home IMG_3059

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