Top CES trend: Smart Homes technologies

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Going into the third day of CES 2019 in Las Vegas, we cannot help but take a closer look at Smart homes. In the keynote on Sunday, January 6, LG representatives predicted that creating a connected, intuitive, AI-powered world will deliver unparalleled customer experiences. Everywhere but certainly with a focus in the home.

Soon after the Tech Trends to watch presented by the 2019 CTA Consumer Tech Forecast team Steve Koenig, VP Market Research, Ben Arnold, Senior Director Innovations and Trends, and Lesley Rohrbaugh, Director Market Research was eye-opening.

They predict that the total US consumer technology industry retail revenue in 2019 will reach USD 398 billion of which USD 4.6 billion is generated in the Smart Homes area. This space will grow by 17% this year and will only be third behind smart watches (+19%) and streaming services (+25%).

The trend everyone is talking about is 5G. According to Verizon’s CEO Hans Vestberg it ‘would be a quantum leap in speed, reliability and connectivity for everyday users, and will lay the foundation for next-gen technologies’.

It is no surprise that AI and connected technology are hot in pursuit of this trend and especially in relation to Smart Homes. Whether smart speakers, smart home devices, wireless earbuds, smart watches, smart mirrors, smart sound technology, smart fridges, or smart systems to track loved ones’ daily schedules, SMART is upon consumers everywhere and omnipresent at CES 2019.

During Unveil, the CES preview show, Bosch presented the PAI projector that turns a countertop into a touchscreen computer.

Hand-in-hand with smart homes is the integrated technology that makes connections possible. Voice and artificial intelligence (AI) are in everything and will become the go-to interface in 2019. More and more devices are voice-controlled. Some of them are displayed in the Smart Homes section at CES where 15 companies showcase the latest technologies in the field.

At our booth, visitors have the opportunity to see and experience the intelligent toilet Numi 2.0, Verdera® Voice Lighted Mirror, or PerfectFill™ or PureWarmth™ technologies in action. The Verdera voice lighted mirror is one of 20,000 devices that are powered with Amazon Alexa. The talking technology and smart appliances app has nearly 60,000 skills.

Smart homes, once a mere home security system, have emerged to a holistic approach to connectivity and efficiency in the home. Appliances, lights, windows, irrigation, temperature, air, entertainment, you name it, increase the convenience of living. It has tremendous potential and will make big strides in 2019. Judging by the innovative spirit, the enthusiastic exhibitors and the engaged CES attendees are certain of it. Are you, too?

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  1. My first experience with machine learning is when I fight an AI and now I can beat it anymore and that scares me. its upon us now… combine with augmented reality and it would be wonderful and scary at the same time. Thanks for sharing great content.

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