Innovative solar energy improves Foshan factory energy consumption

solar energy Picture12 solar panels on Kohler Foshan factory

In the latter half of 2017, Kohler China and JA Solar signed a cooperation agreement to bring solar and clean energy to the forefront of the Foshan factory by installing solar photovoltaic cells on the roofs of the factories.  solar energy Picture6 Kohler Foshan factoryJA Solar is an international leading solar energy photovoltaic products manufacturer with lots of experience in this field. They advised our teams on the best way to start saving energy and reduce harmful emissions.  solar energy Picture13 Kohler Foshan factory solar cellsSolar energy is not just a buzzword but a real big step towards friendlier and cleaner energy production and ties in well with our commitment to environmental protection and conserving resources. Governments around the world start to subsidize alternative, renewable energy products such as solar. With all the right agreements in place, the installation of the solar photovoltaic cells on the roofs of the factories one to five in Foshan began in December.  solar energy Picture1 Kohler Foshan factory constructionThe factories use approximately three million kilowatt hours of energy per month. When the production of the solar photovoltaic power generator kicks off this June, it will produce about eight percent of the total consumption. Or in other words: 240,000-kilowatt hours that can be fed into the off-grid and used in the factory workshops. The solar power generator converts the solar energy into electricity that will directly contribute to cost-savings and emission reductions.  solar energy Picture7 Kohler Foshan factory roof prepared for solar cellsThe aspect of the emission reduction is doubly interesting as most of the energy used is generated by thermal power. This is generated through burning coal which inevitably leads to emissions. The solar panels contribute to reducing the use of coal, lessens the dust emissions, and lowers the carbon emissions such as carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen oxides. This impacts energy consumption directly and is a huge plus for environmental protection.  solar energy Picture10 installation of solar cells in Foshan ChinaThe solar energy generator and the cells on the roofs of the factories are just a first step in the endeavor of energy saving but it is not fully replacing traditional energy sources and resources. In the plant in Foshan and for that matter everywhere around the world, Kohler Company is exploring new technologies and efficient ways of energy use to raise the awareness of environmental protection and how we can – each of us – contribute to reducing our carbon footprint with the long-term goal of NetZero2035 in mind.  solar energy Picture9 installation of solar cells on Kohler Foshan factory roofOperations of the solar photovoltaic power generator in Foshan began on 23 May 2018 with full government approval.  solar energy Picture8 installation of solar cells on Kohler Foshan factory roof

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