South Korea celebrates 145 years of Kohler Company

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Leave it to our team in South Korea to turn a party into a breath-taking celebration. In honor of the 145th company anniversary, a faceted, action-filled event under the theme ‘Bold Journey’ transformed an ordinary Wednesday pre-evening into a very special occasion.  Kohler South Korea IMG_7217On 1 August 2018, Larry Yuen, president K&B group, welcomed more than 220 guests from the design, architecture, developer, and distributor industry in South Korea to the Dress Garden in Cheongdam-dong.   South Korea KOHLER_016After registration, guests wandered around the lounge to take in the latest products and innovations including Real Rain, KOHLER Konnect, Mica ultra-think rim sink, Artist Editions Dutchmaster midnight floral sinks, and intelligent toilets such as Numi.  Kohler South Korea IMG_7168The main part of the event though was a design seminar with three well-known speakers of the creative industry. Architects Sung-Jin Min known for his designs of big brand hotels like Hilton-Busan Anaticove, Hilton Namhae Spa and Golf Resort and Ee-Hwa Yu famed for the Hotel Podo design and her heritage as well as industrial designer Suk-Woo Lee who recently designed the medals of the Pyeongchang 2018 Olympic Games shared their experiences and thoughts with the invited guests.  Kohler South Korea IMG_1115They gave fascinating presentations and accounts related to boldness, inspiration, and innovation and elaborated on ‘where bold design comes from’.  Kohler South Korea IMG_1244The seminar was followed by an elaborate networking session in the lounge. Finger food and delicious drink options, as well as the excellent product display, first attracted the audience back to this room. Meeting old and new friends, though, was, even more of a reason to mingle and enjoy a relaxed atmosphere.  Kohler South Korea IMG_7103Many guests took the opportunity to learn more about the new products that also included the mirror cabinet and the Karess bathtub, and to update themselves on Kohler’s latest projects in South Korea. These are to date Resort World and Dream Tower Jeju, Lotte Super Tower, Incheon and Gimpo airports to name just a few.  Kohler South Korea IMG_7174The evening concluded with a select group of guests continuing to a fabulous dinner where more conversations about the long tradition and heritage of the company could be had. Design philosophies were shared, and current trends in the market and in the industry comprising among others well-being of the family, improved designs and quality, water saving, and compact space considerations were discussed.   Kohler South Korea IMG_7201South Korea is a fast-growing market with sophisticated customers who always look for novelties and innovation. Bringing a group of such high-caliber speakers together and gathering an eclectic audience who share similar interests for this celebration set another milestone for Kohler South Korea.  Kohler South Korea IMG_1059


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