South Korea: As if nothing had happened


Serim Lee artist

Serim Lee’s art work indicates a contradiction in Korean society. In her experience the general public is not too concerned about social issues.

The materials used in the art work such as fiber glass, tiles, wood and resin represent different cultures.

They are in harmony with each other creating a whole object. Soon, we discover a hole where black trees are growing out of it. This reflects the challenge of multiculturalism that has not yet been resolved.Korean art piece bold. art. as if nothing has happenedThis interpretation is based on the multicultural policy promoted by the Korean government where it is attractive for Southeast Asian workers to come to South Korea to reinforce the labor force. Apart from other things, this gives Korean countrymen a chance to meet Southeast Asian women.As if nothing had happened

As this policy could spark discussions among the people of South Korea, Serim hopes that her work will evoke empathy and emotions from the people who see it. Not only in South Korea. 

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